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Keroro's latest and greatest plan to conquer Earth takes a turn for the cunning, the corrupt, and...the cute?! When gang green transforms itself into a group of adorable little plushy versions of themselves, will those frog fatales finally take the upper webbed hand in the battle for the planet? It may take a friendly game of bowling to ultimately settle the score--just don't be suprised if Keroro ends up in the gutter. The madness and mayhem is enough to make you want hop and chew gum at the same time.

Chapter Titles

  • Encounter CXXV: A New Day Dawns! Keroro = One Big Softie!
  • Encounter CXXVII: We All Fall Down! ★ A Bow-Ring Match!
  • Encounter CXXVIII: Come, Come, Come Chew Gum!
  • Encounter CXXIX: Every Day is Invasion Day! The Icy World Encroaches!!!
  • Encounter CXXX: Target: Rest Area
  • Encounter CXXXI: The Ultimate Spirit Photo Contest?!
  • Encounter CXXXII: Dread Realization! Defense Network Reinforcement and Breach Prevention!
  • Encounter CXXXIII: The Shocking Survivalist Sergeant!
  • Encounter CXXXIV: All Line Up! The Dark Before the Dawn
  • Encounter CXXXV: Slam! Earth vs Space Video Game Armageddon!!!

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