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Lieutenant Garuru--Girororo's ruthless older brother--has taken command of the Space Invasion Force and has stripped Keroro of his rank! Adding insult to injury, Garuru has unleashed a plan to revert Keroro back to a tadpole. Luckily, Fuyuki has the Kero Ball! Can he use it to save Keroro...and the Earth?

Chapter Titles

  • Encounter LXXXIV: The Last Battle: Keroro Platoon's 24 Hours--Part Four
  • Encounter LXXXV: The Tale of Koyuki Azumaya & Dororo
  • Encounter LXXXVI: Battle of the Models Breaks Out At the Hinata Family Home
  • Encounter LXXXVII: Master Natsumi Rainy Rescue Operation
  • Encounter LXXXVIII: A New Beginning? A Determined Sergeant Leaves Home
  • Encounter LXXXIX: Pathos: Pokopen Fair Pavilion Construction Plan
  • Encounter LXXXX: A Real Hit?! Runaway Youth of the Keron Forces!!
  • Encounter LXXXXI: Operation: Pamper General Mom!

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