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Sgt Connie Rodd started as the co-star of PS: The Preventive Maintenance Monthly, eventually she would take over the comics section.

While her co-star Pvt. Joe Dope was an example of everything a solider in the Army’s motor pool should not be, Connie was a shining example of what you should do, and she did it all while almost never making it into a regulation army uniform.

Seemingly a fem fatale straight out of one of her creator Will Eisner’s Spirit stories Connie not only kept the Army’s wheels rolling, she did all the paperwork as well, she did seem to do a lot of lecturing however.

Eventually she also took over PS’s center double page full color pinup called Joe’s Dope Sheet.

No one however missed Joe after she replaced him there.

Her 20 years of steady appearances in PS make Connie the longest running female military characters in comics.

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