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Chapter One:

X-Force: Sex & Violence #1

On Alcatraz Island, Domino is in the bathroom pulling out bullets from herself and drops them in the sink. Elixir walks and and ask her if she's okay. Domino says she's great when Elixir notices the bullet holes in her back and asks her what happened. The memory flashes in Domino's mind of her getting severely beating up in her apartment. Domino tells Elixir nothing and asks him to heal her. Right when Elixir raises his hand to heal her, Wolverine grabs it and tells him to hold on and that he has a few questions before he begins. Domino is reluctant to tell Wolverine. She ultimately is forced to tell him everything otherwise Wolverine won't allow Elixir to heal her. Domino tells Wolverine it was the Assassins Guild. As Domino begins to tell the story, X-23 is shown listening from the other side of the door, everyone unaware of her presence. Domino tells Wolverine she took the job because she needed the money. She tells him how The Hand set up shop in New Orleans and were running weapons in and out through the Gulf. The Assassins Guild new what moves The Hand were going to make, they just needed a little "luck" on their side. During the mission, Domino found a room full on female teenagers. Domino claims the Assassins Guild knew what The Hand was up to but didn't tell her about the young girls. Domino chose to rescue the girls and leave the Assassins Guild and the The Hand to tear each other apart which upset the Guild. At that moment fired two bullets from a gun toward the door, knocking it off its hinges and exposing X-23 whose immediate response was that if the Guild caught Domino, they wouldn't just let her escape. Wolverine tells her to stay out of it and tells Elixir to heal Domino.

X-Force: Sex & Violence #1

Wolverine and Domino are driving in a Mustang when Domino tells Wolverine she knows that she knows he's wanted her ever since Japan. Right when Wolverine was about to respond he was shot through the window which caused him to run into a street pole and flip the car. Members of the Assassins Guild appeared telling Domino they gave her 24 hours to return to them alone and they only extend that offer one time. Domino pretends to surrender but begins to open fire on them. Wolverine enters the fight, clawing a few of the members severely. Wolverine and Domino were standing back to back when Domino calls Logan's name. The two turn around and begin to kiss when someone yells out "Neena!" Razorfist shows up and asks Domino where the money is. Wolverine looks at her and asks the same thing. Domino replies with "whoops."

Chapter Two:

Wolverine asks her again where the money is. Domino tells him to help her and she'll tell him later. The two engage the Guild and Razorfist. Wolverine decapitates a few members until Razorfist plunges his razor into Wolverine from behind him. Wolverine uses his adamantium claws to cut Razorfist's razor in half and then headbutts him. Razorfist tells Wolverine and Domino they're both dead. Wolverine tells him if he ever hears the words razor and fist used in the same sentence again, he'll track him down and kill him. Domino fills Wolverine in a little more about the operation and how it went down. She told him once she found the room full of young girls, she took them to the Japanese Consulate in Texas. She shows him the truck she got away in and how she didn't know that it was full of money in the back until she was out of the state. She tells him there's a total of 237 million dollars. She then suggests they go get a hotel room and work this out. The two head to a hotel and have sex. In the meantime, the Assassins Guild is assembling their specialists to take out Wolverine and Domino which include Boomerang, Nakh, Clay,

X-Force: Sex & Violence #2

Bushwacker, Bullet and Black Mamba. Back in the hotel room, Wolverine and Domino are lying in bed when bullets come fling in hitting Wolverine who shields Domino from them. She kicks him off of her to see who it is. Bushwacker is standing there pointing his gun at them until moments later when Wolverine's claws go right through it. Bushwacker kicks Wolverine back and begins firing. Domino dodges the bullets and returns fire hitting Bushwackers gun causing an explosion. Wolverine proceeds to cut his arm gun completely off. He puts his claws to his throat and demands to know how he found them. Bushwacker comes clean about Razorfist's tracer he planted on Wolverine and tell shim that the Assassins Guild is sending everyone in after them. Wolverine tells Domino they have to move the money before they lose it and their only leverage. Bella Donna is informed they've lost contact with Bushwacker. She tells her informant to they'll be coming to their current location and that they need to put an operative at the airport. Clay is sent to the airport to kill Wolverine and capture Domino. Wolverine and Domino land in New Orleans. The Hand are there as well and they took out Clay by putting a sword through his skull.

Chapter Three:

X-Force: Sex & Violence #3

Wolverine and Domino arrive at the Assassin Guild's hideout. Outside members of The Hand are staking the place out as well. The Hand hear a noise and turn around unaware that Vanisher had just teleported right behind them moments ago. Wolverine and Domino enter the building and become surrounded by Guild members. Bella Donna greets them and claims to have given Domino a chance but she chose to abuse her generosity. Wolverine tells her that she better leave them alone and he'll let them all live. Bella Donna asked about the money which Wolverine said will go to charity. Domino wasn't thrilled about this at all and neither was Bella Donna who sent her Guild after them. The fight breaks out and it isn't long until the Guild begins to get the upper hand. Bushwacker slashes the side of Wolverine's face off. Domino gets severely injured not allowing her to walk. Wolverine tries to carry her out but is ambushed from behind by The Hand who put a knife to his throat. Bella Donna tells The Hand to drop their weapons and them comply. Just then the rest of X-Force arrives to even the odds. X-23 stabs Black Mamba in the chest. Domino puts a gun to Razorfist's head about to pull the trigger when she's told to let him go which she does very reluctantly. Vanisher teleports directly behind Bella Donna grabbing her allowing Wolverine to put his claws to her throat. He tells her she's going to forget about Domino and the money. Vanisher teleports the X-Force out of there and back to Angel's Aerie. Wolverine starts yelling at X-23 for entering the fight. Warpath tells him to lay off her. Just then an announcement on the news comes on about the donation of 200 million to the

X-Force: Sex & Violence #3

Japanese orphanage. Wolverine realizes Domino kept 37 million and says he's going to kill her. Just then they hear a car horn honk outside. Wolverine walks outside to find Domino sitting on the hood of the car. Domino says happy birthday to Wolverine and says she figured he needed a new car. The two enter the car and Wolverine hears a noise

coming from the trunk. He asks Domino why Razorfist is in the trunk of the car. Domino says she has no idea what he's talking about while the two drive off.

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