delphic's Sex and Violence #1 - Pornland, Oregon; Girl in a Storm review

Super Sexy Excitement Galore!!!

I was first introduced to Sex and Violence through it's kickstarter project which was advertised right here on CV. I found the project to be interesting, and I had never participated in a Kickstarter before, so I gave my donation and I've got some pretty cool stuff out of my part. At the time I'm writing this review I have yet to recieve my hardcover copy, but the authors Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray have released to the backers a digital copy of the comic. When I gave my donation I was a little worried about what I had got into, that I have gave money for a mediocre comic and a few trinkets. Luckily though my fears have been unfounded.

What Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti have given us are two very well written tales filled with lust, excitement, suspense, and emotion. The characters in both stories are brilliantly fleshed out, and dialogue flows naturally through the two stories. The first story, titled Pornland Oregon, felt very much like a noir tale where we are seeing the inner most thoughts of a trouble character as he seeks revenge. Rick Tomlin, the protagonist, is a brooding character, but he carries himself in a such a way that I am reminded of Marv from Frank Miller's Sin City.

The second story, Girl in a Storm, though I personally felt the weaker of the two tales was still very well written out, and was a brilliantly executed character study as it fleshed out the noble yet aggressive female cop: Sierra. Girl in a Storm is written from Sierra's point of view and we get to see her inner most thoughts as she deals with the troubles of being a cop in the big city, sexual frustration, and her desire for the lesbian couple who lives in the apartment across from her who she spies on. Girl in a Storm is a romantic tale that may lack the suspense that Pornland Oregon has, but it more than makes up for that as the drama of Sierra's story unravels throughout the pages.

The art of this book is absolutely amazing, done by two different artists, and each tale has the perfect art style to complement their story. Jimmy Broxton shows us a darker world and truly captures the grim horrific tale of revenge that is Pornland Oregon. Juan Santacruz is a master of facial expression as he is able to capture the facial expression of Sierra and other characters perfectly. The true beauty of art in this book lies in it's coloring. Pornland Oregon uses much darker colors to represent a darker tale. Lot's of blue, black, and purple, and splashes for red for blood to give us a truly splatter like effect. Girl in a Storm is much more colorful and bright compared to it's counterpart, but it serves only to amplify the effect of the rather interesting romance story that unfolds.

Overall, these are two brilliantly done comics done by an amazing creative team. There are a few flaws, but they are so minuscule you could easily look over them. The story is not for the squeamish though. This is definitely a mature rated book, so if you have little kids running around, make sure you put this where they can't get it, because there is a lot violence, suggestive language, as well as graphic nudity and sexual content. If that doesn't bother you and if you're looking for a tale to bring you a different flavor of excitement then this is your book.

Let me say as a backer of the Kickstarter project, I am in no way regretful of my decision to give to this amazing piece of work. I haven't even received my hardcover copy signed by the writers and artists, nor the various signed prints yet, and I am already blown away. I even feel like that if I had only donated just enough to get the digital copy I would have been more than satisfied, but to know there is more coming makes being a part of this all the sweeter.


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