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Sex Criminals #5 Going Down


Well after what seems like a really long wait, Sex Criminals is finally out. Was it worth the wait? Absolutely it was. This book continues to be great a real pleasure, that I’m glad I picked up. Even if the concept does raise a few eyebrows when I explain it.

The book continues to be really funny with its full on approach to sex and the bizarre power that our protagonists share. There’s just something about the concept that continues to be amusing. I actually laughed aloud at the idea of the “Sex Police” and one character performing kegels to stop time.

What I like best about this book, even more than the humour, is the relationship between our two leads. Fraction has created a lovely dynamic between the two and I genuinely feel that there’s a strong loving bond developing between our two “criminals”. There’s a moment in beginning which is quite touching but for me the most telling moment for our two love birds was Suzie’s reaction to some personal revelations about Jon. We get to see that she’s willing to put up with Jon’s troubles and this is really endearing. Who’d have thought that I’d care so much for a pair of perverts who stop time and rob banks?

Fraction appears to be building a more serious myth arc about the people who are able to enter The Quiet, this is really intriguing as I kind of thought that this book would continue to be a silly fun book without too deep a plot.


Except for the fact that this book’s corrupted my Google search history, it only has one real problem. I’m somewhat unclear on how the quiet works, now I know what they have to do to enter it, but there’s a moment in this book where they appear to trap people there. I’m not sure how they did it I could have missed something? I was just somewhat confused.


Matt Fraction’s taken a ridiculous concept and made character that I care for, an intriguing plot that’s pushing ahead nicely and some hilarious villains. All in all I’d say that Sex Criminals is shaping into a real classic. If you’re looking for a good witty book that’s a bit different I’d recommend it. It’d be Criminal, for you not to read this!

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Posted by Jake Fury

Nice review. Just read the first trade of this and it was massively entertaining.

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