adamwarlock's Severed #7 - Part Seven: Home is Where the Heart Is review

Expect to see this up for major awards.

There's absolutely a place in the comics industry and the storytelling world at large for complete stories with a definitive ending in mind, and this series is absolutely great for having that... but it's also terribly saddening to see it end. These past 7 months, this title has been a breath of fresh air on the comic racks (though I'm sure it will read just as well in single dosage graphic novel form as well).

In just 7 brief issues, this series has created a very strong world for itself: the time period setting feels genuine. The writing and characters are strong. The slow-burn suspense build-up has, at times, been nearly unbearable (and in that regard it might actually read better in monthly installments than it will in its upcoming collected edition).

If "American Vampire" wasn't enough of a confirmation for you, let THIS be the industry's primary evidence that Scott Snyder is one of the most important writers in the comics medium today. And if you missed Attila Futaki's award winning work on the Percy Jackson graphic novelization (like I did, having absolutely zero attachment to that property), prepare to be amazed. I intend no snub towards series co-author Scott Tuft, but outside of his co-writer credit I don't know him from Adam, and based on the strength of Scott Snyder from his other titles I'm reading (ALL OF THEM), it's hard to judge what Tuft contributed. On the other hand, while Snyder's work on "American Vampire" and "Swamp Thing" is stellar... "Severed" has been even better. So perhaps that IS telling as for what Tuft's contribution was.

Expect to see this series up for major industry awards. Best limited series, best artist, and Snyder will surely be up for best writer (between this AND his other high quality products).


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