carnivalofsins00's Severed #4 - Part Four: Stealing Home review

Severed #4 Review

Scott Snyder has said that this is nothing like he's written before, a slow burn. This book has been building and building the tension since issue one, and I'm loving it for that. From what I've read from Scott Snyder, he's really great at building up characters and then giving them a little twist, this is no different. I'm loving the chemistry between Jack and Sam, it feels real, like they are actual characters from real history that Snyder and Tuft have gone back and dug up for the sake of writing this book. I believe everything that they say to each other, every little emotion and action.

The tension is thick enough you can cut it with a knife, and the surprises start coming in this issue. I was taken by surprise by what happens in this issue and it shows that no one is really safe here. I'm not a big reader of horror comic books because I find it kind of hard to swallow some of it and most of the time it just doesn't come off as scary at all. This is keeping me on my toes, this is frightening, some of the best horror I've read in a comic.

Attila Futaki is a name I've never heard of before this. I'd love to see more. The almost painted look of the book really works well with the story that Snyder and Tuft are telling here. It has a sort of grainy feel to it that looks beautiful, yet haunting. It wouldn't be the same book without Futaki working on it.

The series so far has me hooked. I want to get more, and fast. We have what could have been a simple, straightforward horror story, but is just so much better that that. Snyder and Tuft have created a very real America in this title with great characters and some of the best paced storytelling I've read. If you're a fan of horror books, you should be reading this. If not, then this will make you love the horror genre.


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