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The orininal Seven Soldiers of Victory appeared on the cover of the All-Star Squadron #29 comic book. They are Shining Knight, Vigilante, Star-Spangled Kid, Green Arrow, Speedy, Stripesy, and The Crimson Avenger. The Leader of the team is Shining Knight.

The 7 Soldiers of Victory were also known as the Law's Legionairres. In 1941, a criminal mastermind known only as the hand was informed that he had less than a month to live. To ensure that the world remembered him long after he died, the hand passed on his most ingenious unused plans to other criminals who would commit these crimes in his name.

He sent his plans to The Dummy, Big Caesar, the Needle, Professor Merlin and the Red Dragon, whom he referred to as his "five fingers." The hand then issued a challenge to the Vigilante, Shining Knight, Crimson Avenger, Green Arrow & Speedy, and the Star Spangled Kid and Stripesy to stp them.

Thus the Vigilante had his first encounter with and victory over the Dummy, and the Star Spangled Kid and Stripesy overcame their old foe the Needle. When the other heroes also triumphed over their opponents, the hand decided he would have to kill them himself.

Hearing fron his doctor that a cure had been found for his condition, the Hand realised he would have to overcome the heroes in order to escape prison and live out the rest of his life in freedom. He decided to invite the heroes to his home, which was full of deadly traps.

During the battle that followed, the Hand aimed a "lightning ray" machine at the heroes. The Vigilante shot the machine down and the Hand was seemingly killed by electrocution as a result. After their victory, the Shining Knight suggested that they become a regular team. Therefore they became the Seven Soldiers of Victory, with Wing, the Crimson Avenger's sidekick becoming the unofficial "8th" member of the team.

A number of years later, after the 7 Soldiers had shared many adventures, they battled a strange and immensly powerful foe known as the Nebula-Man. Wing sacrificed his life in order to overcome the Nebula Man with a device known as the Nebula-rod. The force released by the climactic battle hurled the 7 Soldiers into various time periods of Earth's past. Decades later, the JLA and JSA went back in time in order to bring the Seven Soldiers back to the present. (JLA #100 - #102) 1st series.

The 7 Soldiers had only spent a comparatively short time in the past, and so when they returned with the JLA and JSA they were only a little older than when they left the 20th Century in the first place.

Second Team

 Years after the Golden Age team formed, when the villain Agamemno attacked Earth and switched the minds of the Justice League and the Injustice League, Deadman rounded up several disparate super heroes for a one time mission when he found out that the Injustice League were going to attack the planet Rann. The heroes that Deadman were able to round up were the new Shining Knight, Batgirl, Metamorpho, Adam Strange, Mento and Blackhawk.  The team is whisked away to Rann in Blackhawl's plane via Zeta Beam.
On Rann, the Injustice League is attempting to assemble three weapons- the Central Power Battery, the Absorbascon and a piece of Jewel Kryptonite- together to make a new body for Agamemno. The Soldiers fight the League , defeating most of them. Agamemno is defeated by Lex Luthor when he is double crossed when the Jewel Kryptonite is replaced with a simple diamond. The Soldiers are ultimately defeated when they are incased in a Green Lantern bubble by the League, and are pushed back to Earth when the Zeta Beam wears off.

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