kfhrfdu_89_76k's Seven Soldiers of Victory #2 - Volume 2 review

Another review of another book that ends epicly.

This is my 17. CV-review. If you are interested in this book, but don`t know if you wanna buy it, I advice you to read this review. Aside from that, there is no reason why you should read this.

A bit about the plot.

After various cliffhangers that the preceeding book had, it`s time to conclude them all in this book. But not before starting three other storylines, that will be concluded in this book too. In the first one, a new heroine (Bulleteer) is born, and has a few adventures. In the second one, worlds greatest escape artist ( Mr. Miracle III ), faces life changing events filled with horror and pain. In the third one, a popular pop-cultural monster ( Frankensteins monster ) resurfaces, in the 21st century, after being missing for over hundred years. Then it`s time for the epic conclusion, during what, the terrifying enemy known as Sheeda unleashes their ultimate attack, and only a handful of heroes can save humanity.

What I hate. I mean, like.

Like the first volume, this book has alot of characters. Those who are new, those who are classic, ingeniously rebooted characters and those who aren`t seen often. It`s cool to see them here.

The three new miniseries are my faforites of all the seven minis that have been collected to these books. They have comedy, violence (which is cool and horrible) realisticity and unrealisticity. They have splendid ideas and protagonists.

The art is great. The Frankenstein-series has the second best art, by Doug Mahnke. The Bulleteer-series art is professionally good, but not fantastic. Mr. Miracle-series has art, which is good and cool, but what also doesn`t appeal to my eyes as much as the others, for no apparent reason. The last storys art by J.H. Williams is the best art in the book, and he really shows how talented he is, `cause he manages to draw in many different styles. Frazier Irving and Ryan Sook are here as well, but if you want to know what I think of their styles, read the review of the previous book.

Because I like to look at sex filled art, I like the Bulleteer-series. This is a verse of warning to those who don`t like to look at sex-filled art. But, rest assured that it`s not the thing which is in main focus on the series. Even if it is clearly visible.

The writing is great again. Also, it`s more exciting in this book.

Who likes to read stories that reveal secrets? If you do, this book has a few, and the biggest one is absolutely awesome (it`s about Sheeda, by the way).

What I do not like.

The ending is too crammed up. So crammed up, actually, that it should`ve been twice the size, if you ask me.

The writing has various weak spots (But that`s not a big problem. To me, at least.). The weak spots are:

-Most of the characters seem to be unable to feel shocked, when someone dies. This is the thing I really don`t like about Morrisons writing.

-There`s alot of clichés in the writing. Many of them are so ridiculously stupid, that I can barely stand them. For example, one of the human heroes is

But then again, these clichés are so ridiculous, (and obviously been written here, just so that Morrison can more easily get himself out of the corner) that they should be a bit enjoying. That is, if you like Morrisons writing alot. If you don`t, you`ll probably grind your teeth to little pieces.

-This whole story serves as an epilogue to many possible series. There`s various unresolved plot points in each series, so that the next writers and artists wouldn`t have to come up with ideas of their own for a start. And guess what...there haven`t been any new series featuring our heroes struggling against these problems. And even if one of them (Mr. Miracle III) has been used in Final Crisis, struggling against these problems, this has been done by Morrison himself. This makes the whole story feel more incomplete, and not that much of a story on its own.

Even if it is written to the cover, I really don`t think that in this book "Morrison cements his status as comics high shaman", because this really isn`t best work. If it`s someones faforite work from Morrison, I can`t deny that. But this really isn`t his magnum opus. Almost every work from him seems to be "his magnum opus", because that`s the way he writes. Besides, he cemented his status several years, or even deceates ago.

To conclude, for the 17. time...

If you still aren`t 100 % sure if you wanna buy this, loan it. If you like what you read, then you should probably buy it. But remember to also buy the first volume, and read it before this one. Because even if it`s not Morrisons best (or maybe not even the fifth best ( though it probably is in the top 10 )) story, it`s still a decent story, and better than alot of others at that. And remember that it looks gorgeous, and that since it`s comics, the pictures are truly worth alot.

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cool. Don't know where you got the whole "dreadful review" thing...

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

@The Poet:

Blah blah blah...

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