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Serpico's role was to act as Farnese's bodygaurd. Unbeknownst to Farnese, Serpico is actually her illegitimate half brother. He has been with Farnese most of his life, as her servant first, then as his escort. It is a kind man who is loyal and protective of farnese. Fears both fire and the sight of blood, he is without a doubt an unlikely warrior. He is an expert marksman (the duel with the nobles who constantly insulted Farnese), and even fought and survived a couple of times against Guts. The bastard son of the head of the family Vandimion Federico Vandimion Vandimion and a former housemaida, he had to take care of his sick mother. He often had fights with teenagers who wanted his food and medicine. When his mother discovered that she reminded him that he was a noble blood and must be prepared because of his noble father would come get them. She handed him her locket containing a photo of himself and the Master Vandimion.

Character Evolution

Serpico and Farnese

Serpico first met Farnese when he was 10 years old. He had been beaten by a group of teenagers and he was in the snow when Farnese ordered his officials, "the burden of the child in the car, took him home." After this life Serpico became the property of Farnese. She blowing through the windows, making the family of hunting dogs, and even make you swim in the rapids. Once Farnese was followed by Serpico to the woods behind his family's palace. He was taken to her sanctuary, where where she use to burn "bad things". Serpico later discovered that when the Farnese was younger, she left the castle and took part in burning heretics.When she was told by her father to throw her toys for her, she burned the toys later that night. The toy symbolizes her relationship with her father. Serpico cover farnese with a blanket, and this is where Serpico relationship with Farnese deepened into a friendship as well as that of master and servant. The master of houseonce stopped Serpico, and it was the first time he had seen Farnese's father.

At a ball

Master Vandimion asked to see the medallion around the neck of Serpico. That's when Serpico realized that this man was indeed his father. After some discussion, he was told by Vandimion that he could not recognize him as a son because his sons were fighting among themselves for the right to succession. What he offered the status noble to Serpico, and steady position in the ranks, in return Serpico was not to tell anyone he was his son and become Farnese's protector. The following years Serpico accompanied Farnese in almost all cases. Because of her status she was constantly invited to dance as she continues to refuse. That made the noblels mad, and Farnese would always dance with Serpico instead. They felt anger towards him about a scandal surrounding his birth. A duel would normally occur after every ball.

He often visited his mother, though her disease had progressed to the point where she could no longer see her son.Suddenly one day Vandimion came back to his castle he wanted Farnese and the son of another wealthy family to marry. At that night, Farnese came to her crematorium where she thought hard about the marry. Serpico arrived there, and Farnese immediately took his arms and asked him to elope with her. Serpico knew she was developing feelings for him, and he refused the offer. When he returned to the palace, Farnese was setting it on fire. Unbeknownst to Farnese a chandelier was falling on her but Serpico saved her. The next morning Vandimion sent Farnese and serpico on a long convertion mission, and so many peaceful years passed as they were in the convent.

Farnese had been given the role of captain of the Holy Iron Chain Knights. It was not because of their fighting ability or tactical thinking, but because the tradition says that the captain must be a female. Serpico of course joined the holy iron chain and reached the rank of herald. Azan the second in command later joined the ranks. Holy Iron Chain Knights served as a ceremonial guard, carrying out the order of the churches and the burning of heretics.

Major Story Arcs

Retribution Arc

Serpico knew that these people were not Satanists, but rather people who rebelled against the money grabbing Churches. Even knowing that his fate, and his loyalty to Farnese was greater than his dislike for his duties. Finally he faced his mother on a stake. Farnese heard serpico whisper his mother's name, but Farnese denied that the woman was his mother. Farnese insisted that he burn this woman to show his loyalty. Serpico first appearance in the manga is in the 14th volume of the series while still with Farnese as he followed the rumors and the destruction caused by Guts.

Guts was seen by the Vatican as the Hawk of Darkness, which is in the holy prophecy. Serpico first as the "funny guy" of the knights, but it is just tactics to hide his true potential and capabilities. As Knights came across the devastation left by Guts, Serpico is able to determine the cause of deaths by just looking at the corpses, saying that it was made by a man with a big sword. The knights, Farnese, and Serpico soon find Guts and later get into a bloody battle with Guts where Serpico stayed behind, protecting Farnese. As Guts tried to attack Farnese, Serpico protected her by shootin an arrow at Guts's leg. As Guts was captued and taken to Farnese's tent, Serpico told Guts not to ridicule Farnese for she is cute, showing his more comedic side. After Guts escaped and takes Farnese with him, Serpico arrives after Gut's battle with the evil spirits only to find Farnese naked on top of Guts, but things were not as they seemed, when he was ordered by Farnese to kill Guts, he refused to do so. That make Farnese slap Serpico and run away. Still with the Holy Knights with iron chain, Serpico arrives at the Tower of the Conviction, still at Farnese's side. Serpico constantly faced any nobles like Jerome who often spoke ill of him or farnese. One day as some heretics were being burned, a man ordered a young boy to be burned for no other reason but that his father was a heretic, this angered Serpico and made him draw his sword. While Serpico still had his sword to the man's neck he ordered that the boy proven innocent and released and later he excused himself, and some knights mentioned how Serpico always "feels ill" and he excused himself during the burnings.

Jerome followed him convinced that Serpico is not really sick, and is eventually is happy that Serpico is not the only one who found the burnings unpleasant, starting more of Serpico's gentle nature. Serpico quickly denies that he is the savior of the young boy and said only that they had something in common, because of his mother was burned at the stake three years ago, which surpirsed and even shocked some nobles.He is next seen at the side of the Farnese as the report of the black swordsman, Guts has been sighted in Albion and the location of the some pagans.

Knights quickly climb over the mountains to reach that destination only to find themselves in a bloody battle. Serpico soon disappeared from the fighting, however he later finds Guts in a cliffside path and has a duel with him. As their battle continues Guts soon realizes that Serpico is indeed master tactican for he has choosen to face Guts in a place where Guts couldn't draw his sword with ease, and having the sun in his eyes.

While this was advantage for Serpico, Guts used his inhuman strength to catch and hold serpico's sword before breaking it with his mechanical arm, quickly followed by crossbows shooted towards serpico, but Serpico is able to avoid every shot. Serpico was quickly able to get hold of one of Guts's mini-bombs and throwing it towards Guts as a distraction to withdraw. Guts comments Serpico on his skills before leaving to find Caska, that only made Serpico to reflect on why he faced Guts to begin with, realizing that has to do with how Guts deeply affected how Farnese feels.

Millennium Falcon Arc

Power of wind

Guts was asked by Farnese if she can go with him so she could learn the ways of the world. Guts says he doesn't mind Farnese and Serpico coming along as long as they don't get in his way. A few days later as Guts and Serpico were taking, Serpico tells Guts he would kill him if he was strong enough, but that he knows that he has no chance. After meeting Flora the with, Serpico is given a cape and sword that was blessed by the spirit of the wind.

Serpico vs Kelpie

The cloak can make arrows and swords swept aside and his sword has the power to cut any opponent in half. During the fight against the trolls in the nearby town, Serpico and guts team up and face two of the most powerful monsters, an ogre and a Kelpie, a thin sized Lizard with the power to manipulate water. Serpico battles Kelpie, but eventually kills the monster. After escaping from the trolls, and the newly Grunbeld challenges Guts who was in deteriorated condition. Guts had no choice but to put on the Berserker armor, allowing the Beast of Darkness to possess Guts. When Guts hold off Grunbeld, he accidentally set his sights on crew of Guts. Serpico decide to be in the forefront, and possibly try to defend possessed Guts from harming his own group. Serpico few days later, remembers this, and it is good forshadowing that two of them would fight once again in the future.

Serpico vs Guts

Farnese decided to leave the group, and Serpico out of loyalty went with her, and we see her mother for the first time. Before Serpico could leave Guts tells him that he wants to duel one last time, but Serpico with serious eyes says that it would be useless. Although Guts and the company wanted a ship to reach Elfhelm, they realizes that the Farnese returning to his kingdom in exchange for a ship for the group just does not make sense, and so they all decide to find her. Serpico telepathically tell Schierke to meet him at the back of the house. When they arrive, Serpico gives Guts what the wanted, a rematch.

Serpico defeated

Both Guts and Serpico were not using any of their "special" weapons, Guts just using his sword and not his Berserker Armor, and Serpico just metal sword and not "wind Sword" or cloak. Serpico had the advantage since the area had lots of pillars which made it difficult for Guts to use this Dragon Slayer. Serpico tells Guts how he has affected Farnese for the good, but fears that she and the group might one day be harmed by him while he under the control of the berserker armor. Guts unleashes brutal attack, knocking down many pillars on his path causing some debree to fall from the ceiling. Guts quickly reacts by uses those falling debree to his advantage, causing the debree to fall on Serpico which made Serpico have no choice but to finally surrender.

Guts and his party

After the fighting, Serpico willingly accepts defeat and Guts spares his life. Isidro asked Guts how may he held back, but Guts says that he never underestimated Serpico or held back for Serpico is truly a gifted swordsman.Currently as always Serpico is by Farnese's side on her travel with Guts fighting the apostles. His relationship with the Farnese is changing, because she doesn't rely on him as much as she use to.

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