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Serling Roquette is the head of the Genetics division of Cadmus Labs. She developed crushes on both Superboy and The Guardian.

After Cadmus was shut down, she was relocated to STAR Labs where she helped Livewire to gain greater control over of her powers. She also help modified Superman's old "Blue Containment Suit" to fit Livewire powers after she began to lose control in Las Vegas.

In Other Media

Young Justice

Serling Roquette - Young Justice

Dr. Roquette appears in the episode "Infiltrator" voiced by Tara Strong. She is shown working against her will for the League of Shadows to create a nano-robotic weapon called The Fog but was saved by Red Arrow. She later creates a virus to nullify the weapon, and is almost killed by Cheshire in the process but was saved by the efforts of Artemis.

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