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Serke is a powerful shaman and ancient in age and powerful in ability. In ancient times when Serke was young he was friends with another young and powerful magic user Kon. Both young magic users lived in a world that was dominated and threatened by a powerful and dangerous magic user, The Death Princess Orlana. Despite their best efforts the due would fail in attempts to stop Orlana and many of their peoples and allies would die or fall vicim to Orlana's power to enthrall and control people. In one such battle against the powerful Orlana, Kon would be forced to flee the scene, but Serke instead not wishing to retreat would find himself at the mercy of his enemy. Orlana would note Kon's departure and mention it to Serke. However she would also show sympathy and attraction to Serke who at first seemed shocked but then reciprocated Orlana's advance. Kon in the mean time was gathering powerful forces and allies to once agains oppose Orlana, including seeking aid from the druid Dero, and other magical users such as Eshera, Ro, Samsun and Kentari. All this would be building up to a massive confrontation between Serke and his new Queen Orlana and her army and Kon and his new allies. The two powerful groups would met in a massive battle. During the battle Serke would fall to Kon, and eventually even Orlana would succumb to the combined efforts of her enemies, Samsun sneaking behind her and stealing her magical talent for himself.


Serke is an Aspen MLT published character and was created by writer Vince Hernandez and artists Khary Randolph and Emilio Lopez. The character first appears in the first volume of the Charismagic series, Charismagic #0 - The Void released in 2011.

Character Evolution

Serke has a somewhat mysterious role in his first few appearances, acting as a somewhat neutral to friendly assistance to supporting characters Alle and Hector when they are trapped in the Void realm. It is not until later that we discover Serke may have a darker past and more selfish motivations. In the Charismagic Death Princess mini series we get to see Serke's younger self develop and aim at where his modern day counter part's motivations may lie. After the events and turnabouts of the first Charismagic volume, Serke would return to the second volume, this time as the main antagonist of the book.

Major Story Arcs

The Order of Things

After a failed attempt to kill Orlana the Death Princess, Serke becomes her willing companion as the two lead their massive army against a group of magical fighters determined to end the powerful Death Princess's reign of terror.

Flight Plan

After Samsun's plot to return to Earth and rule over it sends the majority of the Earths population to the Void realm, Serke realizes this as a prime opportunity to escape his imprisonment, especially when he comes across Alle and Hector who he is aware has ties to magic users, some who may inadvertently facilitate his escape whilst trying to help Alle and Hector.

Powers and Abilities

Serke is a shaman capable of producing many types of affects with his magical power and knowledge. Even in his youth Serke possessed much magical power and ability but his years in the Void realm have allowed him to increase his ability significantly and centuries after they opposed each other, Serke is still a match for Kon.

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