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Sergius of Khrosha was the captain of a captured Hyrkanian ship and a member of the infamous Red Brotherhood of the Vilayet Sea. He is vengeful and boastful. Although of great girth, he moves lightly, which often surprises his opponents. He was a skilled swordsman and swears by Ishtar. He was a Kothian, and how he came to become a pirate on the Vilayet is unknown.

He traveled to Khoraja to fence goods and recruit for Red Brotherhood. He met Conan in a tavern where he offered him work. Conan refused and mocked him. When Cimmerian led his Free Companions to south-west shore of the Vilayet Sea they met again and Sergius demanded that they should pay him tribute. Conan refused and Sergius in revenge went to Shah Amurath and told him where to find Free Companions.

When he landed on the Isle of Iron Statues, Conan challenged him to a duel, enraged he foolishly agreed and lost his life - Barbarian became a new leader of Red Brotherhood.

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