San Diego Comic-Con 2009: Sergio Aragonés

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Nice Job, G-Man. He has a killer stashe!

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lmao with the mustache question. 

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Since 1957!

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lol wow. thats funny stuff.

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The most important Q--the mustache.  I suspect it trumps Chuch Norris' any day of the week.  He's great, loved his stuff in Mad Magazine.  However, he does need to let the ponytail go.

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Nice Job Guys! These Micro interviews are great.

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Sergio was one of the first guys I started reading back in the 80s.  I still have all my Groo: The Wanderer issues!

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I can't imagine the Simspons world in the Groo style... Weird!!  But he's so lovely :)

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He reminds of the dos equis most interesting man in the world for some reason lol

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Great!! What a man!! What a stache!! One of my all-time faves forever, and now on The Simpsons!! Thank you so much, G-Man!! Another awesome interview!! 8D

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