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We first see Frohlich in the Greatsword’s line, readying up for the forthcoming battle. He is reminding the other soldiers who are complaining to their superior office Sergeant Franz Mogel, that a Greatsword “Never will take a backwards step in the face of the enemy”. He later retreats back when Sergeant Mogel commands it, later regrouping in near by brush and witnesses his Sergeant near fatal fall by the hands of Chaos Warriors.

Later we see Frohlich as a Sergeant in a tavern, being berated by a fellow soldier of the Empire. This is because he has retreated and the Greatswords are known for not doing so. He is then called to explain the current situation to his new Captain, while the inspection is going on they are attacked by Skaven. The Skaven forces amass claiming the human’s have stolen their Crown. Frohlich asks his Captain to search the surrounding village for the Crown, the Captain accepts his proposal and send he and a handful of men to the nearest mansion.

Sergeant Frohlich and his force are met with heavy resistance by Rudolph Brecht’s undead creatures. He eventually finds Brecht with the Crown and captures him, taking him back to his Captain and then interrogating him for answer. Just as the Sergeant and Captain find out that the Skaven aren’t all they have to worry about, the Vampire Lord and his army attack both the Skaven’s and Human’s.

The Vampire Lord kills Brecht and Captain, then forces Frohlich to give him the Crown. However Frohlich packed the box which the Crown lay with gunpowder, this resulted with the Warpstone fire igniting the gunpowder and killing all the undead and Skaven forces. However the Vampire Lord was damaged but not killed, so Frohlich went toe to toe with him and then stabbed him in the side with Brecht magical knife, killed The Vampire Lord in the process.

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