spikevalentine's Serenity: Leaves On the Wind #1 - Part One review

Watching how they soar. Spike's Serenity; Leaves on the Wind #1 review!

It has been a while since the Serenity crew has joined us in this side of the 'verse and with this six issue miniseries us Browncoats are happy to be in good company again!

The story takes place like nine months after the Serenity film. The events on Miranda have left the universe divided again between those who believe that the Alliance killed over 30 million people and those who claim that everything is a hoax, similar to what happens with the 9/11 truther movement. The even has fanned the flames of discontent of the people and a revolution is being seriously considered in underground circles, one of them being Bea's, whose entourage has funding but lacks leadership. She decides it it time to go look for Captain Malcolm Reynolds.
Meanwhile, the Serenity crew is in dire straits since their last encounter with the Alliance; low of food and other supplies, but full of love all around. They are discussing their options, but Mal insists on laying low in uncharted territory until Zoe gives birth to Emma Washburne, but there are complications that put in risk the mommy's life, pushing Captain Reynolds back to the civilization without second thought.
In the mean time, Bea uses her resources to make contact with someone that can take her to the Serenity crew. The Alliance also has Malcolm in mind for their plans, and they come across a familiar face that can be of service when it comes to hunting down the renegade heroes.

The book is solid, though it's no Better Days. Zack's dialogue is descent, and the plot is quite intriguing. i must say I had thought about and even dream about it in a trip to Paris back in 2010, it's described in one of my Facebook pics comments. Anyway, the are by Georges I liked even better than his Buffy stuff:
There's couple of things that I didn't really like, though...


Inara and Mal have a steady relationship now. I know it isn't out of the blue, but how they got to consummate it is a very big deal that I don't want to wait another four years to get it in the form of a retcon miniseries or a one-shot. Not after I wrote Inara's origin story that tackled that affair just to be filed, and instead Scott put out a very generic story for the FCBD issue.
The issue, though entertaining, sure takes it's time on the set-up, and yes, this is a first issue, but this series was made for people that already know what's going on, trust me, newbies start picking on the TV season. Making the rhythm flow is necessary because this is not an ongoing. Going back to Better Days, the first issue established a lot of conflicts and plots, it even has cool action beats, something very lacking in this issue.


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