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After Lady Blaze took over the throne of Hell, her armies were diminished, so she gave the task of reproducing and breeding more of them to Serene. Serene was to specifically make Creeper demons. She and her pet, Segura, then followed The Creeper around and knocked him unconscious, taking him to hell with him. She then explains what she is going to do and summons demons to watch the seed being taken from Ryder. She thinks she will become second in command of Hell, if she succeeds in her mission. Creeper gets out of the predicament by provoking her pet to free him by accident, then hurts him in battle. Serene tells Creeper to leave, though they will meet again, because she had to tend to her admitted lover.

Powers and Personality

Serene is shown to have powerful magic, but to what extent is not known. She can summon portals and demons with ease and can turn others to animals and demons, as she did Segura. She is very strong willed and determined to rise in the ranks of Hell. Her other powers are unknown at this point. It is hinted that she is a Succubus, but that is not confirmed. She is also bilangual, being able to speak Spanish and English.

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