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Seras Victoria.

Seras Victora was a young underestimated British police officer. Her squad was sent into . Unaware of the situation they were headlining into A vampire priest had taken control of the village and within moments of her team entering the village they were all wiped out within moments. The sole survivor of the attack he teased her threaten to rape her and then turn her into a ghoul. Just then a figure dressed in red appeared and she was taken as a human shield, The man in red asked her if she was a virgin after saying yes the man opened fire and blow a hole in her chest and then killed the vampire behind her with one hand. The man in red was Alucard of the Hellsing and with her virgin blood she was turned into a vampire and was then employed by Hellsing as Alucard’s aid.

She is never far from her master and even with offerings of blood she refuses to drink but Alucard shows her that she has changed as they hunt a young vampire couple showing her that she can see further and night was like day to her eyes. Soon after this they were sent to where Alucard showed her to kill without mercy even if it was against ghouls see could slowly feel herself slipping further into Alucard’s world. Then it all changed as Alexander Anderson stabbed her in the chest and left her at the mercy of his blessed blades. She screamed out as Alucard lost his head in the battle. As stood over her about to give the last blow Integra Hellsing prevented her death and as Alucard began to heal retreated. Alucard called her girl from that moment on thinking her weak for not drinking his blood when he had fallen.

On their return to the Hellsing Manor Walter C. Donez presented her with a large anti tank rifle. That her new found powers allowed her to pick up with ease and Alucard was presented with the jackal a large Pistol that only a vampire could carry. Shortly after the Hellsing Manor was attacked by the Valentine brothers and Seras was ordered to protect Integra, with her new weapon in hand she stood shooting the ghouls as they charged the meeting room where Integra met with the ministers of defence. As Walter faced off against Jan and Alucard faced Luke she protected Integra until the threat was over.

Now that Hellsing had lost most of their defence they hired a group of mercenaries called the Wild Geese lead by Pip a French one eyed man with a brave heart and a quick wit. Sera’s was assigned to help their training against vampires. At first the two hated each other and soon they were going over seas to investigate Millennium Alucard had been set up as the police descended on the hotel they stayed in. A Lt of millennium faced off against Alucard and in a moment of cockiness Alucard took several hits from the card throwing assassin and found he could not heal as fast as normal. Just as it looked as if he had thrown the card that would seal Alucard’s fate it was blown out the air by Seras from another building allowing Alucard to get the killing blow.

Upon returning to England Alucard was sent on a mission by himself and as he left Millennium made their move attacking London Under the orders of Integra she stayed and protected the Manor, Only to be faced with her death as the vampires attacked she was forced into her worst nightmare and Pip gave his life so she could live. As he died he asked her to drink from him so he could be with her in death and become a full vampire as she did her powers grew the arm she had lost in battle replaced with dark shadows killing the vampires she sensed that Integra was in danger and turned to the remaining members f the wild geese who saluted her and called her captain. She flew round finding Integra surrounded by members of Iscariot and Alexander Anderson as she landed they prepaid for battle and laughed saying she has become a true vampire and that to face her would mean death. After they had left Seras sought out her master to find him in battle with and her master was on deaths door. Showing her power she began to fight the empowered giving Alucard time to heal and return to the battle.

Master Alucard.

Alucard and Seras

No one knows why Alucard turned Seras into his servant, many people believe he knew he was going to die and wanted to leave Integral with a servant. At first he see’s her as weak and a coward for not accepting what she is turning into, In fact he almost ignores her and gives responsibility of training her to Walter C. Dornez.

He helps her from time to time, but as she grows as a vampire so does the love for her master, Almost willing to do anything for Alucard. Her devotion is not unlike what we have seen in movies when a vampire is turned. In the start she can almost not be apart from him and as time goes on she becomes stronger and no longer needs Alucard near by. They can communicate to each via their minds.

In the end when Seras has become a full vampire she aids Alucard in his battle against Walter. At first Alucard mocks her, calling her girl and how he can always hear her voice. But as she walks away to face the rest of Millennium he calls her and Integral magnificent. It is as if Alucard had been waiting for her to turn before he accepted her fully. Now believing that she is able to serve Integral Alucard starts his fight with Walter and what could be his death knowing that the Hellsing name will live on with in Seras.

Pip And Seras

Captain Pip Bernadotte

At first these two cannot stand each other, Seras is to help the wild geese train for encounters with vampires, the first day of training seems to go well as Seras shows them how far she can shoot with her gun. Pip claps and then points out that she managed to kill all the targets but also managed to blow the heads off all the hostages they where holding. A small argument breaks out which ends in Pip being knocked out with one finger.

If it was not for Pip then Seras would never have grown as much as she did, The two seem to have a connection and Pip kisses her telling her that she was a powerful woman, She then goes on to defeat all of Millenniums ghouls that had invaded the Hellsing manor. But just then A fight breaks out between Seras and another powerful Vampire and Seras is saved by pip his dying wish is that she feed from him and becomes powerful. Now the two of them will be forever tougher as Pip remains within her even helping to defeat The Captain. A Bond of Love and friendship that will never be broken as long as Seras lives.

Integral Fairbrooks Hellsing and Seras Victoria

Sir Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing.

Integral at first see’s Seras as a mystery, She is unsure of Alucards servant and some think that she is jealous of Alucard taking Seras as one of the undead and not her own. Nothing could be futher from the truth as we find out that Alucard has offered in the past to turn Integral but she refused. Assigning Walter to keep an eye on the girl, Integral watches as Seras beings to change and grow, Seras becomes very protective over Integral and has on more then one occasion saved the leader of Hellsings life. Slowly Integral beings to warm to her and refers to her a police girl much like Alucard does.

Much later when Integral is faced by many of Iscariots best men it seems all hope is lost until Seras arrive now a full vampire and they leave with out incident. As they march on to the enemy blimp it seems a new chapter has started in the hellsing story, Where Alucard had severed integrals father and herself Seras would now serve Integral much like Alucard, As Alucard dies Seras takes up the mantle as protector and weapon of the Hellsing organization.


Hellsing ARMS Anti-Midian Cannon

A single shot cannon that has been seen to use many different types of shell ranging from Silver, Napalm and so on. The weapon unloaded weighs in around 60 kg making almost impossible for a human to wield with any ease. Seras, due to her vampirism, wields it like it was nothing and has been seen firing it while running and has even pulled of a few trick shots with the weapon. She provides support to Alucard over long range but has even been shown using the weapon at long range as well.

Harkonnen II

Given to Seras later in the manga to help protect the Hellsing Manor from assault during the raid. The weapon is much Longer and carries much larger rounds. It weighed in at 345kg and had to large machine guns bolted to its under belly. It range was said to be 4000m and Seras yet again used it with ease before facing Zorin.

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