Seraph and the Secret Empire

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One wonders what this one time agent of the Secret Empire has been doing with herself. Sure she was a sleeper agent for the K.G.B byt the U.S.S.R is no longer a single entity. Marvel bring this M.I.A back, we need more pink in world.

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As it happens I think that this enigmatic albino deserves to seen more often in theMarvel Universe- I'm currently writing a novel featuring herself, Airstrike and Captain America together. So many things about her seem unexplained- the nature of her powers( is she a mutant), her spiritual talk _surely odd in a society officially atheist), her relationship with Wolverine's old enemy  Omega Red( surely it's no coincidence that they're both albinos born in Russia)

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@Paracelsus:"Airstrike"? Great, sounds like there's yet another underrated character out there who qualifies as some who is M.I.A.! Good luck with your story!

#4 Posted by Paracelsus (1933 posts) - - Show Bio

As she alludes to missing her home city of Leningrad( inronically enough the birthplace of fictional countryman Ivan Kragoff aka the Red Ghost and the real-life Vladimir Putin), it is fair to assume that she has simply become a citizen of the Russian Federation and an operative/officer of the FSB.


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