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Sera Lwanga was born in Uganda and met Moses Lwanga when they were both attending Harvard Medical School.


Sera Lwanga is Vertigo character created by Joshua Dysart and Alberto Ponticelli. She first appeared in the Unknown Soldier #1

Character Evolution

Sera fell in love with Moses and shared his dream of making a difference in the country of their birth, Uganda. A peace activist like him, she wanted to make a difference in the place of their birth and supported her husband in his efforts to better the conditions of their fellow Ugandans

Major Story Arcs

Making A Difference

Sera accompanied her husband to Northern Uganda, assisted him in treating patients in the IDP (Internally DIsplaced Persons) camp. One day, overwhelmed by the horror of young children being mutilated everyday, her husband seemingly went on a rampage that ended in him killing one of the young rebels who caused so much suffering. Moses proceeded to scar himself in penance and disappeared, leaving his wife unaware "The Spirit" had taken hold of him, compelling him to commit acts of violence.

After his death, Sera remarried.

Power and Abilities

Sera Lwanga is an accomplished, highly intelligent doctor with refined communication skills.

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