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Seppo Ilmarinen Jr. was included to the Väinämöinen-comic, when his father wanted him to live with Väinämöinen and his friends, so he`d grow up to be more responsible.   

There`s really a need for that, because he`s an inventor who mostly doesn`t succeed when it comes to his experiments. And when he does, he causes alot of fuzz (he created a teenage-minded clone of Väinämöinen, a robot version of Jabe, superhuman serum...).       
He spent time with Väinämöinen, and actually started to grow to adulthood. During the series he, for example caught a fish (with bare hands) and had an office job. 
He didn`t really grow up all that much during the series `though. Maybe he did after the series ended, but that will not be known.  


Intelligence, gadgets and good looks. Seriously, he has a body of an athlete.     

  • A computer with artificial intelligence (who likes rap-music).
  • A superhero formula (that he used in one point of his life).
  • A super-bomb, which fortunately has never been used.
  • High-tech virtual helmets.
  • A machine that makes you tell the truth.  

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