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Venom: Separation Anxiety

Seperation Anxiety is a story featuring Venom, Spider-Man, Lasher, Scream, Phage, Agony, Riot and Hybrid that takes place in the Marvel universe known as Earth-616.


Eddie Brock...WITHOUT his living alien costume...
...held captive in a government research facility.

After being separated from his own symbiote by the Scarlet Spider, Eddie Brock was sent to a research facility. The five Life Foundation Symbiotes broke into the facility to escape with Eddie. They kept Eddie captive until he would agree to help the human hosts control their own symbiotes. But one of the five symbiotes, Donna (Scream) would kill off the human hosts of her fellow offspring one-by-one. When the Venom symbiote escaped from it's imprisonment and rejoined with Eddie, the two would defeat Scream and leave her and her four dead comrades (with their symbiotes still alive) for the authorities (the remaining four symbiotes would merge into one and bond with Scott Washington to become Hybrid).

Symbiotes! The Venom symbiote's five offspring!
Eddie Brock Naked vs. The Five Symbiotes

"NOOOOO! Have to kill you! KILL YOU ALL!"

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