What it would take 2 beat “the Void”

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I’ve read stuff about “the Void” from the comics & looked up what it might b.Like how it’s Reynolds real personality,his “superhumanity” having eroded his humanity leading to a “void” in his life, a normal division btw good & bad in any normal person,a “mind virus” originally put in by Mastermind or from Norman Osbourne said in Siege #4 & is something similar 2 what  the Sentry’ wife Lindy might have been getting at “the Angel of death” .The fact that it’s more powerful in the “Negative zone” kind o’tells u something that might help but I cant think o’anything.

If he’s just really powerful you might have 2 get Mr.Fantastic's Ultimate nulliffier

People wise this might require Squirrel girl (seriously) since she’s supposedly taken out Baron Mordo,Korvac,Pluto,Thanos ,Terrax the tamer & Ego the living planet

Omega level mutants.I’m thinking



 Franklin Richards( I don’t think reality manipulation is really one of “the Void’s) powers.Though I doubt R. Richards would agree 2 it

& mayb the High evolutionary

If  “the Void’s” beyond them then I’m guessing  you’d  need heavy  hitters on a cosmic scale.I’m thinking

 the Impossible man (who might be able 2 copy “the Voids” abilities)

Galactus (in the “What if” story “the Void” destroys Earth like this certain planet eater)

,the Phoenix Force (unfortunately it might b hard 2 contact it)

a Celestial,

the entities Eternity or Infinity,

the in betweener,

a Beyonder u could get on the good guy’s side

 and maybe even the Living Tribunal if it gets 2b that bad.

But seeing as how the Watcher never appeared (I think) before or during the Siege to explain about “the Void” in the Sentry I don’t think it could go that far.If yer then man Marvel has some explaiing 2 do.

If it’s something else supernatural like say a demon (in which there some characters that can handle that I guess) but if it’s the “Angel of Death” [which I doubt it is] then…hmm…the only thing I could see that could remedy that is Angel from the X-men(supposedly a descendant of Cheyarafim,angelic like mutants) or the Spectre,Zauriel and possibly the Phantom Stranger (who might be an angel) from DC comics.If they were to encounter “the Void” then (if it is “the Angel of Death”) they would probably try to like communicate with it and then take it out Rob Reynolds.However if throw DC character u can like make another list with other characters like say Mr. Mxyzptlk.

You know if “the Void” was like cosmic scale powerful I’m kind o’surprised they did’nt have him around in “Chaos war”

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WorldBreaker Hulk



Current Silver Surfer

and 24 hour sun dipped Superman (probrobly) if that wasn't enough than enhanced with white Kryptonite.

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A helicarrier.

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Forgot 2 mention the Vishanti,powerful magic beings

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elixir with all his potential power he could turn sentry in to a  bunny rabbit :)

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Thor's hammer killed him, Ms Marvel KO'ed a Void powered Sentry
Void wasn't all powerful its just that Bendis is a drug user and would write random nonsense in his comics

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One above all.

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I think there's a few other reality-altering characters that might be able to take on the Sentry/Void. Molecule Man lost to him, but what about Franklin Richards or Proteus?

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@fodigg said:
I think there's a few other reality-altering characters that might be able to take on the Sentry/Void. Molecule Man lost to him, but what about Franklin Richards or Proteus?
Would probably lose aswell.
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Most of the people above are wrong.  
The only people who could beat the Sentry (classic Sentry, not raped Bendis Sentry), are high level reality warpers. Scarlet Witch and above, that's it. 

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@InnerVenom123 said:
A helicarrier.
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@InnerVenom123 said:
A helicarrier.
We have a winner.
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Dernman can take him.

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@InnerVenom123 said:
A helicarrier.
Almost 4 months old and still the best answer here.
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Bendis needs to be filleted for what he did to The Sentry... 

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Silver Surfer Thor Helicarrier..lol The void and the sentry and Robert himself are the same. Robert created two split personalities, sentry and void, and each one were given powers ,etc... The thing is, if Robert was not insane then he would have both the powers of the void and sentry because they are actually him. Legion is similar.

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 Void cutting loose is pretty much undefeatable by your standard heroes like Hulk and Thor. I know those two are fan favorites and after reading WWH some people think Hulk is the strongest there is and all that jazz but the reality of it is if you rip Hulk in half or throw Hulk in the sun he's a dead. Throw Sentry/Void in the sun and he'll be back after lunch. Bendis wrote himself into a corner with seige when a weakened Void was killed by Thor's lightning. Robert Reynolds had enough humanity in himself that he wanted to die and accepted it. That being said he'll be back after lunch, which should be over soon for him.  
And the only person who answered this correctly and understands what the character is and what it would take to beat him is FadeToBlackBolt. FTBB continues to earn my respect with his logic driven arguments. Hail!
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Reality warping.

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There are so many people that could take out void, but as usual, his fans says that he wins because of 'molecule manipualtion'. Lol

This is a lkst of people that would defeat him:

- Nabu

- Mordru

- Odin

- Alan Scott at full starheart

- Kent Nelson as Dr.Fate

- Galactus

- Superman Prime/superboy prime

- Silver age superman

- Darkseid if he does not jobb

- Larfreeze

- Ganthet

- Monarch

- Onslaught

- Thanos

- Silver surfer is apparently at thanos's level now

- Old king thor

- Rune king thor

- Imperiex

- Parallax

- Sodam Yat with ION

- Kyle Rayiner with ION

And many more actually.

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WorldBreaker Hulk



Current Silver Surfer

and 24 hour sun dipped Superman (probrobly) if that wasn't enough than enhanced with white Kryptonite.

Surfer has a change but I think the void would win

superman would get crushed

Odin and Zeus would crush the sentry

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