The Sentry, Thor and Marvel.

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The Sentry, Thor and Marvel.

Let´s make him a Alien!
The yellow superman

I will not deny that I am among those who swell the ranks of the Sentry haters, but I think I never spent enough time to identify the reason for this.

It is true that the origin of the Sentry is not convincing, is simply one serum cannot do what he did with it, and it is equally true that he could not have the range of powers it has, including telepathy.

About all these facts is the one who shouts "I am a copy of Superman," he has an S at the waist by the love of God.

They need to say "He is better than Thor"

But that is no reason to hate a character, many characters today have come from good copies and has a menu of powers that do not make much sense.But considering all this, I yet have not seen the problem until I saw the movie Thor.

Even the hammer cannot be copyrighted

After seeing the movie, I realized the existence of the Sentry, Merchandizign, simple and cheap.

The truth is that Marvel can not register, as anyone cant, the name Thor, their histories, their past or their companies because they can not take a story that has thousands of years.

Thor is Older than Marvel

Thus, they can not, in any way, use Thor as DC's uses Superman, uniquely, and therefore the need to replace the Thor for something new, feasible and equally powerful.

What marvel did not realize is that Thor can be a problem related to the creation of items such as lunchboxes, t-shirts and other paraphernalia, but it can serve to leverage these products with other characters. I hope that Marvel stop trying overwritten Thor on screen and in comics and he returns to the big name in the Avengers.

He may not be unique Marvel´s but, seriously? He is the big name in Marvel, He is the one and only equivalent of superman and will ever be.

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