The Sentry is more powerful than you think (Revisited)

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I made this thread quite a while ago but Buckshot closed it because it wasn't in the Sentry forums..So i'm re-opening it so just in case anyone has any doubt about the Sentry's power or doesn't know just how powerful he is.they can refer to this page.

Here is a link to the thread.
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Bump de bump!

P.S. Sentry's (very) overated :-)

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i like the sentry i don't care how many people wana scream kill him or hes a superman knockoff I personally really enjoy the Sentry.  Its just something when hes put in the proper hands like Paul jenkens he can make the Sentry work.  just like Omeing did with Ares.  Bendis has not really fleshed out the sentry enough to know how to properly use him other that hit things and throw them in the sun.  The whole watchtower  & Cloc is as integral as Lindy and the Void is to the sentry.

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