Temporal duplication?

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Temporal duplication is the psionic ability to pull past or future incarnations of oneself (or others) out of the timestream. It has been stated that Sentry's molecules step an instant ahead of the current timeline. So technically he exists in the future, but can affect the present, if his body is destroyed (like in DA) he just duplicate himself back to the present, and thus still in the future. Due to it's a psionic ability it is possible that he blocks this ability because he realised how much destruction the Void can cause. So (at least in my theory) he is STILL alive. Any opinion about my theory?

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I think when he comes back they will use the same plot they had for his origin where he actually survived his fight with Thor, but everyone forgot and when he comes back everyone will remember again.

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@Teerack: Well, I just wanted to explain my theory about how he came back in DA after blown apart by Morgan Le Fay and reduced to pure energy by MM (but when he was at the busketball hall and there he was killed by MM again he regenerated after that with the aid of the Void matter manipulation).
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It's pretty much implied that Bob is only dead because he wants to be. I imagine that if that desire changed, he could come back. I can't imagine it will anytime soon. Bendis ruined the character so badly.

Frankly, I found this ending pretty offensively awful.

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You can't ruin a character

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You can, in fact, ruin a character.

But that doesn't mean they're ruined beyond repair.

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