So he's suppoed to be marvel's Superman, but.....

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#51 Posted by bumnut (1847 posts) - - Show Bio
" @bumnut: your an excellent troll. keep up the terrible work. this will be the last time i respond to you drunk. "

??? Ah, sorry if I offended you dude, was only asking for some clarification!  Wow, people get very touchy here?
#52 Posted by Macest128 (900 posts) - - Show Bio

there must be a marvel answer to superman

#53 Posted by naresh80 (5 posts) - - Show Bio

Then inbetween beating bad guys he's going to get new powers that make him even more cheap. Like I said before, boring. And then he's constantly crying about if people like him or make fun of him. So now he's boring and annoying........

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#54 Posted by luckydomino1 (495 posts) - - Show Bio

thor is marvels superman

#55 Posted by majestic99 (8916 posts) - - Show Bio

I like the character. To me, he's perfect the way he is.

#56 Posted by majestic99 (8916 posts) - - Show Bio

@thetitan0 said:

and why make a thread just to hate on a character.

They probably saw my "Respect Sentry" thread and wanted to make an opposite one(just kidding).

#57 Posted by TomoFukuoka (1113 posts) - - Show Bio

His costume had bad color

#58 Posted by ShaoKahn (818 posts) - - Show Bio

sentry is Molecular man's level

#59 Posted by medulaoblaganda (1362 posts) - - Show Bio

@shaokahn: if he is a molecule man level. then sentry is almost has powerful as beyonder. because molecule man fought beyonder to a stand still. what do you think? lol

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