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Well the question is simple. I have become a fan of the sentry, he is an interesting character due his psychological nature.

So i was wondering if anybody can tell me please. in which order i should read the sentry to fully understand him? thank you in advance.

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I'm not 100% sure, since I think I missed out few of his comics, but if I would have to guess it would be like:

1. Sentry Vol. 1 #1 - #5

2. Sentry & Hulk

3. Sentry & Fantastic Four

4. Sentry & Spider-Man

5. Sentry & X-Men

6. Sentry VS Void

7. The Age of the Sentry #1 - #6

8. New Avengers #6 - #10 or #11

9. Sentry Vol. 2 #1 - #8

10. World War Hulk #1 - #5 (Sentry can be seen in one or two of the issues, mostly in the last one)

Then there is stuff with him in the New Avengers comics, I think, where he is a part of the team for a while, but I don't know the issues. Never was a fan of the Avengers.

11. Civil War - The Return

12. Dark Avengers #1 - #16

13. The Siege #1 - #4

14. Sentry - Fallen Sun

15. What If #200 (an alternate reality story, where Sentry is in full control of his powers and kills everyone on the planet)

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Thank you very very much sir!

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