Question about Sentry's resurrection

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In uncanny avengers #9 they show 4 bodies to whom are given 4 death seeds, but Sentry's body burned in the sun. Is it bad writing or there is an answer to that? To me it seems such an huge mistake that there must be some reason.

Other than that, do you think the void will overcome the death seed and the sentry will go out of control?

There is also a physical mistake (there are lots of them in comics, but it is funny to point out): wolverine heard a sonic boom hundred of miles away, and before he could react sentry made his appearance. Sound's speed is about 300 m/s, so sentry should have come way before wolverine could have noticed anything.

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It hasn't been explained how they got to Sentry's corpse yet.
If Rick Remender does not tackle that particular question, then it will be "bad writing" indeed, since he is ignoring prior context. I don't think it would be hard to come up with a "good" solution (good as in everybody has a different taste), but I don't see why it couldn't be stated that after the fight during Siege was over that the Apocalypse twins went to the location to gather Sentry's blood samples, since he was fighting for quite a while. We never really saw him losing blood during the Siege on Asgard, but more so energy, but well... there were other instances, where he lost blood.
And with the Apocalypse twins access to time-travel and stuff like that stealing a blood sample and cloning his body out of it, just to kill it to resurrect it again would be a good way.

The question with the Void really depends on what Rick Remender has planned for the Sentry. He told me that he has an interesting take on the character and that Sentry will play an important role in the comic.
Today "Uncanny Avengers #11" is coming out and it's supposed to be very Sentry oriented, so maybe we will get some answers there. I have yet to get the comic.
But yeah, I guess the general view would be that Robert Reynolds should actually be more powerful than anything the Apocalypse twins could throw at him, but then again ... he is being affected by Celestial stuff, so one could think that it overpowers the Void power-wise, but then again ... in issue 13 Sentry will kill someone even though his masters didn't want him to do it, so one could say that he will be resisting it and the potential for the Void to return is there.
Maybe the Void could return, when Sentry encounters Cyclops, who still has a piece of the Void locked away in his head.

And to the sonic boom stuff ... You're of course partially right, but Sentry also once said that he can hear a butterfly sneeze, while he was in New York, which is an impossibility due to the air not even taking these sound-waves that far, so one would assume that enhanced senses for characters work in a way where they cover up the distance, where something takes place.

So if Sentry creates a sonic boom here O .. and then flies towards his opponents O=============> **** he would be at their locaction before the sound waves can even travel that far, but Wolverine heard that sonic boom explosion and the comic stated that before he even registered it, it was already too late.
The question is more why he was able to ask the others if they were able to hear it. He shouldn't have had the time for it. But maybe Sentry slowed down at the end to not hurt them all. When he grabbed Thor he entered Hyperspace already.

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Just a quick little update on how they got his corpse:

Uncanny Avengers #11 spoilers:

Sentry states that he kept regenerating from an atom, while being inside of the sun and burning down, regenerating, burning down until the Void left him out of the boredom due to the repetetive cycle. Then the Apocalypse twins dragged him out of the Sun, I guess.

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Lol, i had to read two times this comic, things have gotten complicated.

What it is unclear now is if the void cleansing stuff has to be intended as a new mental state or if materially the void is gone. I think that if the void has been able to escape the sun the sentry should have been too, so what really happened is that through endless torture the poor bob got rid of his dichotomy.

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