Is sentry worthy of lifting mjolnir?

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Could you people tell me if sentry can wield it. Try to follow these rules and if you can't give an opinion.

1: show scans

2: tell which comic it is shown

3: give out links

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I can't see/think of any reason why he should be able to.

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No. The point of Sentry is he isn't even worthy of his own power.

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I think he is if the void was gone.

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No way

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There is no way at all that Sentry is worthy of lifting Mjolnir.

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i dont think he is because of the void but i also think he can barely handle his own power he doesnt need mjonir

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well i thought he can since he seems like a good guy it is just the void that makes him bad

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@arkhamc1tizen said:

I think he is if the void was gone.

Not being evil isn't enough to lift Mjolnir.

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No. The Sentry was weak before he had power. His drug addiction I mean. Then he became an empowered weak willed individual

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Nah i doubt...Sentry was a waste of so much power thts just my opinion

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lol Sentry would disintegrate that caveman shit.

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No, he isn't.
But then again, not even Thor is worthy of wielding Mjolnir, yet he is doing it, because daddy made an exception.

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