Is anyone better than The Sentry?

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In flat out terms, Hell No!
First of all, just the way he was introduced into comics was perhaps the most original and unique thing in all of Comic Book history, but that could be done with a bad character, so let us get into why I am right.
Let's just start off with his actual story and his human side which metaphorically people can relate to. He was a drug addict who stumbled upon something extraordinary and he turned himself into the most powerful hero in the world. Along with this power he has this extremely dark, powerful side. The whole struggle within himself dealing with this brand new power of his, his constant struggle on deciding whether or not he was doing something good or truly bad, it all made him an extremely pathetic likable character. His constant fear of his "Arch Enemy" the void was truly brilliant to watch, it made him seem so pathetic and small compared to the usual omnipotent god like entity he was.  His love for his wife Lindy was truly amazing, how he was in constant struggle of his fear of killing her and stopping the void from hurting her. When he realized he was the void, just his reaction, you could see the emotion drain from him, was incredible.
Now, nothing can be said enough about his powers. Ripping Carnage in half, Ripping Ares in half, and he had perhaps one of if not my favorite line in Comic History. In Siege #3, when Thor is fighting him he just calmly looks at him after being hit with the hammer and says " How many gods must I kill today", Just pure bad ass. Then he just completely rips Asgard apart by himself, no problem. After being Killed early in the Dark Avengers, he just reappears in the sky above the Avengers Tower and at that moment you realized just how awesome he was.  And finally I will never forget the feeling I had when at the send of Siege #3, the last page, When The Void has completely taking over and he is just kind of meditating in the air  in all his Glory. It just signified how powerful he actually was and how helpless everyone seemed. Then he just proceeded to kill Loki like nothing, even with the Norn Stones.
His death was so sad to me. When he reverted back to Rob Reynolds and asked everyone to kill him I truly felt sad, as if it was all real and I was witnessing something in my own life. He truly was a tragic character who along the way gave us a great humane story and at the same time did some of the most bad ass things ever witnessed. No doubt that the last few years of Comics, very few people were as important as him. His relationship with Norman Osborn was one of the best duo's ever in my opinion.
He is everything but a one dimensional character, he was able to invoke many emotions, and I can't wait to see him back, as he surely will be <3

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I think he's a great character, but I always felt he was written badly.
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Kyle Rayner/ION is better than him.

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@Sexy Merc: I wouldn't expect any other answer from you Merc. ;-)
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I don't see how Kyle Rayner in any terms is better than the Sentry. Power wise, clearly not. Even though the Ring manifests what the person wants, I doubt he was the power of molecular control like the Sentry, as will as being able to reanimate himself. And his human side of his character is definitely not better.
First post by the way :D

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We get it, you like the Sentry. But Lucifer Morningstar will always be better in my book. 

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Sentry's obviously he's not the be all end all.

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Suck it Sentry
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Sentry...he could've been so much more,but he'll forever be known to me as "that really creepy guy".
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I can think of a lot of better characters.......

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I think the only reason he died was because right before the final blow he was wishing for death. I think he allowed it to happen in his last moments he had control over the void.

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Sentry is a failure who deserves no respect.

our man Thor the god of epic metal looks down on him with scorn!
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well thor showed he had the power to deliver a death shot  to him..... so by default that mean odin and bata ray bill can also deliver a death blow....... of couse  surfer and galactus drax thanos  prolly king hulk if pushed... the beyonder... adam warlock there are a few that can do it

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He was physically killed a few times but he kept coming back, that is what people seem to miss. Even Molecule man tried to kill him and The Sentry just came right back and then found out he has that power as well. Whether he can be physically matched or topped means nothing if he can't actually die. Like I said, and many people agree with me, the only reason he died is because he wanted to die. He realized what he did in Asgard and he asked for death. Even when he reverted back to the Void he still asked to be killed. Thor is a beast, no doubt, but The Sentry has withstood stronger people and lived. It is only because he allowed it to happen.
All in all, I love Thor though, I was happy it was him that did it. Even though I thought Reed Richards should have been involved giving their history.

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@Sentry's Gambit: power doesn't make a character cool. No matter how strong they tried to make him look, it didn't change the fact that he was a loser and Thor, who is an actual awesome character, rightfully killed him.
I would of preferred he'd have honest to god gathered enough power and bashed his head in in an all out brawl where Sentry was giving it his all.
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The sentry sucks... way to overpowered... don't get me wrong, his origin was cool. but WTF a million exploding suns?! a character like that is like a dead end job. there's just no thrill into it, maybe that is why they made all that creepy psycho stuff but it just doesnt cut it anymore after 2 issues of him whining and playing baby.  Plus there is not a slight ounce of humor in him... Im glad his dead, I hope he never comes back because he just ruins company wide crossovers.
 @Crom-Cruach said:

" @Sentry's Gambit: power doesn't make a character cool. No matter how strong they tried to make him look, it didn't change the fact that he was a looser and Thor, who is an actual awesome character, rightfully killed him. "
Oh, and I agree with Mr. Crom-Crunch 100 percent! :D
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@pinchpaker29: lol! Crom-Crunch?
#18 Posted by pinchpaker29 (470 posts) - - Show Bio
@Crom-Cruach: Oh sorry! Mr Crom-Cruach! hehe Got dizzy reading too much e-mails! hehe Peace!
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coming soon

Marvelman Family's Finest #1

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@pinchpaker29: I actually I laughed, nothing to worry about. it raised a chuckle so it was worth it.
I'd like Blue Marvel to take the spot for Marvel Superman equivalent more actually.
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@Crom-Cruach: ...nah lol
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@tensor: love that picture I could hang it on my wall.
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that is my wallpaper love that image too

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@Crom-Cruach: Remeber when I poted in that Supes forum?
#26 Posted by Crom-Cruach (8901 posts) - - Show Bio
@Primmaster64: yes... that picture won you a 1000 internets.
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@Crom-Cruach: I remember you wrote that it made you lol and immediatly fell off the chair laughing.
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@Primmaster64:  it did, it was my big lol moment of the day.
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@Crom-Cruach: you think Sentry will return?
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@Primmaster64: yes, no character stays dead forever in neither the DC or Marvel universe.
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@Crom-Cruach: unless is uncle Ben
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@Primmaster64: didn't he reapear briefly in a time travel/paradox related story?
#34 Posted by Primmaster64 (21138 posts) - - Show Bio
@Crom-Cruach: I think so don't remember
#35 Posted by Crom-Cruach (8901 posts) - - Show Bio
@Primmaster64: I seem to remember the story ending with Ben sleeping in a carton box as a homeless person for some reason.
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The Sentry hasn't appeared in a single comic since Siege #4 sadly. And even then, we was basically the Void and regular Bob Reynolds. I think he will come back, but I don't think it will be soon. I think his whole purpose of being created and used like he was, was for what happened at the end of Siege. I think if he came back now he wouldn't know how to fit in, and it would seem weird. The Sentry isn't a villain, and I don't think the Avengers would like the Idea of him being back just yet. So maybe I'd say, a good half decade.

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Blue Marvel is better he managed to one shot Sentry in to orbit



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@Crom-Cruach: i see
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yup, i was hoping marvel would use blue marvel a lot more but havent seen him much lately.
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The Sentry is a terrible character.   
I'll quote John Seavey from MGK because he says it better than I. 

Last week, in my post on character death, I mentioned that the one character who absolutely nobody will miss is the Sentry, Marvel’s attempt to see just how narrowly the courts interpret the laws against copyright infringement (and just how badly they can piss off Alan Moore.)......But I didn’t get to the root of the problem. Why, apart from being a gigantic ****ing Mary Sue and a blatant rip-off of Miracleman and apocalyptically uninteresting, is the Sentry such a ******* terrible character that death wasn’t good enough for him? 
Ragnell...basically points out how the Sentry is portrayed as retroactively being the most awesome person in the whole Marvel Universe, the guy who was everyone’s best friend and mentor and helped Angel learn how to embrace his mutant gift and showed Reed Richards how to care and taught Rogue how to love.   
But that doesn’t get deep enough into the problem. These things are terrible in and of themselves, because they reduce the entire Marvel Universe to the role of supporting characters in the Sentry’s story, but the deeper problem is that those things didn’t happen. The Sentry is not a long-established, integral part of the Marvel Universe. He’s not the one guy who’s always been able to calm the Hulk down when he’s pissed, he’s not the one guy who Doctor Doom has always been afraid of, he’s not the one guy who Reed Richards can talk to and the one guy that Rogue can turn to for a booty call. He’s some total schmuck we don’t care about. We are not emotionally invested in the Sentry, because that’s something you have to earn over time. It cannot be imposed by editorial fiat.     
Not that they haven’t tried. There’s almost an element of condescension to the constant retcons that shove the Sentry into an ever-higher profile within the fictional history of the Marvel Universe. “Oh, the Sentry is totally a major part of the Marvel Universe and always has been! You just don’t remember him. Stupid, stupid readers. Why don’t you remember how awesome the Sentry was?” But it doesn’t work because we’ve got the back issues. We’ve read the stories. They were an integral part of our childhood, and our transition to adulthood. And the Sentry wasn’t there. Having him show back up now is like having your absentee dad pop back up when you’re thirty and try to take you to a ballgame. 

No matter how much history they make up for the Sentry in the Marvel Universe’s timeline, it’s history with the reader that counts. All the retcons have a faint stench of desperation to them, a feeling that they can compensate for lack of depth with an increase in volume. There’s no history between the Hulk and the Sentry? Howabout we just have everyone talk about how they’re the bestest friends ever! The Sentry’s never really achieved any kind of heroic triumphs? Howabout we have everyone remind each other about how he saved the world over and over and over again! The more they talk about how great he is, the more it reminds us that we haven’t seen any actual evidence of that supposed greatness, and the more hollow and useless he seems. Until at the end, we get a funeral scene filled with characters telling us how much he changed their lives forever with his brilliance and awesomeness…only to never ever ever mention him again the second the dirt is heaped on his grave. 

Ragnell of offers the following reason for why Sentry is terrible. 

And that is the ultimate problem with the mother****ing Sentry being shoehorned into the Marvel Universe. He becomes the Sun around which the rest of the Marvel Universe revolves. Forget every niche occupied by the characters of Marvel, those aren't their stories. Those are just backstories so that we can read about how wonderful the Sentry is! The Marvel Universe goes from being about the characters we love, the ones we love to read about, and becomes All About Bob.

Did you know Angel was once afraid to fly? Amazing, a mutant with wings being afraid of that. Surely, that's something to have overcome during his training under Professor Xavier, and an experience he can perhaps now recount to help guide a younger mutant to accepting their powers, right? Nope, it's something the Sentry helped him through and is now a memory of how awesome Bob is. Why? Doesn't add anything to Angel, but it has to be there for Bob because he has to have taught the X-men something early on, or he wouldn't have been a notable hero in the Silver Age. Warren overcoming his fears? All About Bob.

Did you know that Reed Richards had a best friend outside the Fantastic Four? Someone close to him that wasn't Ben, Johnny, or Sue--his FAMILY members? Why, it was the Sentry. so ****ing perfect that one of the most standoffish men in the world was open to him. All of this bonding, of course, happened off-panel during the most important moments of Reed's life. You know, the moments we read that didn't have the Sentry in them. The moments where we watched him fight his own preoccupation with science and exploration to learn to socialize and appreciate his own family. The hundreds of little teamups where Tony Stark and Hank Pym slowly developed enough of a friendship with Reed that he would collaborate with them on large projects rather than just continue working on his own in his own little cubby-hole like he was always inclined to do. Don't get me wrong, Reed's not an unfriendly man or an extremely shy person, I actually consider him one of the more compassionate characters I've read--but he is incredibly self-absorbed and work-absorbed. Even Sue and Ben can barely get him to come up for air, so if he has a friendship outside of his small, insular group--a friendship where he would actually consider someone other than Ben his best friend--then it's something that built up over time and is a very big thing in Reed's life. It is something we find out about in Reed's story, not in that other character's story. But nope. It's only in Sentry stories and Sentry flashbacks that it comes up. Why? Because it's nothing to do with Reed. Nothing gets added to Reed because he was friends with the Sentry, and the Sentry was there during those moments. It's to show that the Sentry was smart, so smart he was friends with the smartest man in the world. And to show that the Sentry was a great hero that everyone was comfortable with off-duty too. Reed's friendship? All About Bob.

Did you know that Crystal slept with the Sentry? This, I suppose fits a bit. She likes temperamental, impulsive men with light coloring it seems. Of course, she doesn't remember the affair. He does. Why? Because the Sentry was there in the Silver Age, and he had to have gone to the moon. And what could he have done on the moon? Why, he can sleep with Crystal, because she's just some dumb slut, right? Not because she married too young and let two guys push her into choosing one or the other. Not because of her own insecurities or desires. Nope, doesn't matter why Crystal did it, because that romance (unlike the ones with Johnny, Pietro, Ronan, and the couple guys she slept with while she was married to Pietro) had nothing to do with Crystal's situation or storyline. It was because sleeping with a moon princess is just something a Silver Age hero does. Crystal's love life? All About Bob.

And of course, there's Rogue. Poor Rogue, starved for the touch of another person. Rogue who it turns out had her first full sexual encounter with none other than the Sentry. What led to this? How did she react? How did the realtionship end? Was there even a relationship? Who cares?! It doesn't matter what Rogue's role in this was, only that there was a void in her life and the Sentry filled it. Why? Because Rogue losing her virginity isn't about Rogue, silly. It's about how wonderful the Sentry was and how much we miss him! It's just one more throwaway moment in a list of moments of how awesome the Sentry is, how he saved everyone's lives and helped everyone do everything, and was the Supermanlike inspiration they needed because Captain America somehow just didn't cut it. Not only that, he is so amazing that not only did he have a romance with the X-men's poor chaste belle (as much as waypost, apparently, as teaming up with Spider-man, befriending Mr. Fantastic, and sleeping with Crystal), but he actually ****ed her which not even Gambit or Magneto can seem to pull off. He got the the prize, folks, and what is possibly the most desired experience in Rogue's life? You guessed it, All About Bob.    

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@Zoom:  Thank you Zoom, you've posted here all my reasons for finding the Sentry such an awful character that should never have existed.
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I thought the whole retcon idea was terrible, and to make matters worse Marvel didn't show any kind of consistency through the character's run. At one point Spiderman mentions that the Sentry was able to go toe-to-toe with Galactus, so why does the worldbreaker version of the Hulk seem to have just as much (if not more) power? I'll tell you why; brainless, lazy writing. Even his death was boring. If Marvel had done things right it would have been Thanos that wasted this whiney introspective puke...

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Wow, I was genuinely completely surprised to read the beginning of this topic and see that someone actually liked the origin story for the Sentry? I mean, seriously, I don't think I've ever seen anything more forced. Sh*t, it basically read as "hey, we couldn't think of a good way to retcon this guy in, so we decided the easiest way to do it was to make his retcon completely undisguised, almost as undisguised as our contempt for the readers! :)" Seriously, everyone forgot about him? Jesus, maybe next we'll get an origin story for a character who has been intangible, invisible, shielded from all forms of detection, and is telekinetic, and we'll find that all those instances where our favorite hero/es made those incredible against-the-odds lucky throws/cuts/dodges/etc were actually down to this poltergeist of a character. Yep, get ready, fans. All those world-saving shield-throws made by Captain America? They would have missed the target and the world would have been conquered/destroyed dozens of times over if not for the actions of...The Lurker! All those characters who managed to survive a hail of bullets, despite a lack of superhuman protection, or even armor? Yup, they all made it through thanks to The Lurker. Oh, and The Lurker is also a telepath. Yes indeed, every time a character had some internal monologue and struggled to find out what the right thing was or to find the strength to do it, that was The Lurker.
The only sad part about the Sentry's death is that it didn't come sooner, and it almost certainly won't be permanent.

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the problem with sentry was that he was too truth he was kinda lame. thor totally annialated him, his award goes to a pretty badass death

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Beyonder is greater.
Molecule Man.
I think the fact that Bob is schizo never helped his cause, bu I really liked the first issues of New Avengers when he joins the team and I think that his participation in Dark Avengers was the best thing in Dark Reign. Maybe he returns free of the Void, that would be nice.

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i still say nova prime or SS should have punked him a few times just so people could see him get thrashed. ripping carnage and ares in half is nothing to what norrin could do. i'll never forget when Sentry got his butt kicked by Wiccan. that made me lol. hard.

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almost everyone

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There are literally thousands of better characters...

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