How would you like him?

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How would you like him to come back? as a entity? as a hero? as a villain? he has alot of potential to be a great hero or villain. so if he came back how would you like him to be?

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Cosmic Hero

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ya kinda like nova

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@ X: yea, I think he should go on journey of self discovery through space
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that would be cool i thought it would be cool to make him an entity that possessed people like the phoenix force but couldnt stay attached to long or the void would resurface

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I would like him to return and be the hero that he was always meant to be, no more cowering in fear of the return of the void and running away, but he should put his guns up like a real hero start throwing his weight around like a real hero.

I wrote a story of how it should happen, if you want to read it just let me know and i'll post it.

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I would certainly loved to see the Sentry back as some kind of form. Even though he's considered as a powerful being. It's too hard to believe that he can die.

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seeing him as a villain would be interesting, i think him coming back with no powers would be cool as well

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Coming back! What have you heard? I am losing hope.Even Torch has already returned

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@spiderbat87 said:

Cosmic Hero

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