Does Marvel Need It's Own Superman?

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Robert Reynolds aka the Sentry was one of the most controversial characters in recent Marvel history. By now most fans know of his constant mental problems and the questionable way his character was handled. This isn't a vendetta against Brian Michael Bendis. I have no idea what kind of pressures writers for Marvel or DC go through on a week to week basis. I can't imagine having to come up with the amount of original content they put out in a window of given time. This is simply me stating a case that Marvel needs its own Superman. 
Marvel has some of the most tradition rich and recognizable characters in comic history. Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, The Hulk, Thor and Iron Man are sure fire first ballot comic hall of fame characters. However, in my humble opinion they aren't quite in the league of the Man Of Steel when it comes to handling cosmic level threats alone that seem to constantly plague the Marvel Earth. However, most of these characters aren't equipped to handle everything alone. Thor is constantly involved with Asgard and the Hulk is more of an anti-hero who is constantly on the run. The others while wildly popular aren't equipped to combat cosmic level threats alone.
I think the man for the job is the Sentry. The first thing I would do is establish his power set at a consistent level. This guy went toe to toe with some of Marvel's most powerful characters such as Hulk, The Collective and others. He also lost to people he never should have. For a guy with the power of a million exploding suns getting a massive aircraft carrier dropped on you shouldn't be too big a deal. His power set and strenght level should always be written on a consistent basis and should not waver. I'm not saying he should be as powerful as Superman but he should be at least a few pegs above Marvel's finest Earth heroes. Someone that can stand toe to toe and have good showings with threats such as Thanos, Gladiator, Black Bolt and others without faltering.
The second thing I would address is his mental state. It seems everytime his character would make progress his back history with the Void would plague him and he'd go right back to where he began. This could easily be remedied with any one of the Marvel telepaths, magicians or scientists in the Marvel Universe. Perhaps, even being thrown into the sun could purge him of the Void permanently and also help solidify his abilities once and for all. 
Finally, he needs a consistent writer that is experienced with his type of character. I'd suggest someone along the lines of J. Michael Straczynski or Ed Brubaker. I loved JMS's work on Supreme Power and Brubaker is one of the most consistent writers around. His origin story with Vulcan was amazing until Vulcan fell into the hands of less capable writers. Give someone time to establish the Sentry in his own series and carve out their own niche with the character.  
Any thoughts?
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Didn't he just die recently?

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Yep. I'm auditioning for his comeback but not too soon.
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Forget the Sentry and all the baggage that comes with him.  Just focus on a Hyperion solo book!  Hype can be the "Marvel Superman".
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@Black Lantern Mar-vell:
I wouldn't disagree with that. I just felt like Sentry is a bit more established.
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I'd rather Blue Marvel be "Marvel's Superman," but only because he's black.
Nah, fo' real though. I'm one of the people who liked the Sentry. I liked his concept, liked his showings, most of all of his appearances, and even thought that stuff that went down in Dark Avengers and Siege was cool. My only issue was that there was hardly nothing done with his character. Sure, he was the guy that's fast, and strong, and have a dark side, but that's sorta flat. If Sentry were to come back, I'd want it to happen only in a solo title, and preferably without it being such a big deal, as in the rest of Marvel Earth shouldn't really care or notice it. Keep him on the down low, and focus on Bob. I want to see a story about Bob, not Sentry or Void, but just Bob, with Sentry and Void as constant characters he has to fight against. Once Bob has been properly established, then maybe he could start having more influence over the Marvel Earth, maybe being discovered by the Secret Avengers or whatever, and slowly be brought back into the rest of the world, not as a part of a team, but just there when he's needed.

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Let Blue Marvel Take the Sentry's place
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@Ms. Omega said:
Let Blue Marvel Take the Sentry's place"

Educate me. I have no idea who he is. :)
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Sentry will return Cloc said so

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@Jake Fury:
I only think he's seen as more established because of the ret-con that he's been around for a while, even though he's actually a fairly new character.  Hyperion has been in Marvel comics for a few decades.  The Squadron Supreme has been his stomping grounds and he was based on Superman the same as Sentry, he's just not a pyscho or dead.  If they did bring the Sentry back, then I think he should be "Marvel's Bizzaro", not "Marvel's Superman".  Now that would make for some fun, Hyperion as Superman and Sentry as Bizzaro!
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@Jake Fury said:
" @Ms. Omega said:
Let Blue Marvel Take the Sentry's place"
Educate me. I have no idea who he is. :) "
Blue Marvel
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@War Killer: 
Ironically, He seems alot like the Sentry.
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marvel has several supermen, gladiator,blue marvel, sentry,hyperion and they recently bought marvel man who is actually more similar to dc's capt. marvel(i.e. blatant rip off made cool by alan moore)

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@joshmightbe said:
" marvel has several supermen, gladiator,blue marvel, sentry,hyperion and they recently bought marvel man who is actually more similar to dc's capt. marvel(i.e. blatant rip off made cool by alan moore) "
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Marvelman Classic Primer #1
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Hey, I've got a novel idea: NO.
Marvel doesn't need a rip off of a more well known DC character.

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@AtPhantom said:
"Hey, I've got a novel idea: NO.  Marvel doesn't need a rip off of a more well known DC character. "

Oh come on. Are you saying a guy undercover at the Daily Bugle with Clark's identical power/skill set would be a ripoff?
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@AtPhantom said:
" Hey, I've got a novel idea: NO.  Marvel doesn't need a rip off of a more well known DC character. "
And sentry is a god awful character. If they absolutely want to have a superman ripoff for the marvel universe, they should at least use those with actual potential. Like Blue Marvel or Marvelman.
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Thor is already viking superman
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As has been said, Marvel already has several Superman-like characters who are all better than Sentry. If I never see Sentry again, it will be too soon.

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I agree with the original poster that Marvel needs a Superman, and disagree with the idea that it should be the sentry, or any of the other various Superman clones marvel has. Not that i have a problem with The Sentry, and liked him quite a bit; same with Blue Marvel, but just because a character is going to face cosmic threats and be 'the best' hero in the marvelverse, doesn't mean they have to have an identical powerset to a Kryptonian.  
Personally i think Nova, Thor or Quasar are already in prime positions to be what the Sentry never quite lived up to.  
Nova's showing from annihilation onwards have been consistently fantastic, and he's proved able to take down hugely powerful threats such as Annihilus and The Strontian. Add his willingness to face down pretty much anyone, regardless on strength (he stood up to both the surfer and Galactus, even though he knew he'd get creamed) and his access to the worldmind, and i think he already is marvel's premier hero.
Quasar is long overdue his own book, and deserves legend status for his stylish cape alone. his title of  Guardian of the Universe also fits in quite well with the idea of his being an ideal force to face down powerful threats.
And Thor, well, is Thor. He is badass by his very nature

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How about DC's Superman be Marvel's Superman? :D 
I personally think Superman moving to the Marvel Universe would be pretty epic...but that is just me and I doubt it;ll ever happen anyways, even when the license revert to whatshisname and the other guy in 4 years. 
But I don't think Marvel needs a Superman rip-off. They have their own powerful heroes already actively within the universe that can act as the super powerful being that Superman is to DC. I never liked Sentry he can stay dead. I am intrigued to see more Marvel Man though...

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What I loved the most about the Sentry was that he represented the full potential of man... He was fully human, not a mutant, not a alien.
I too long for a series that follows a character like the Sentry or Blue Marvel. I wouldn't mind if they found a way to split the Sentry from the Void, I prefer him sane!

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I would love to see Hyperion in 616 but make him atlest equal to Thor in strength because Thor does have a somewhat consitent strength level.  
Also have him in this costume


                                                                                                              Not this one



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It there where a Superman in the main MU, it should be an alien...Lets'see how humans and Mutants think about an alien from another planet who is the greatest Superhero ever.

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