Does anyone actually care about this character?

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#51 Posted by Chibio (973 posts) - - Show Bio

I liked him, because he had issues and if there's one thing I can't stand then it has to be a perfect superhero. I prefer my comics more realistic and a character with godlike level abilities like the Sentry would make more sense to me than someone like Superman or Captain Marvel. They don't have flaws, they don't have a dark side, they have nothing. To me they're boring, undeveloped characters, but hey it's just my opinion.

#52 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (38944 posts) - - Show Bio

@OmegaHans said:

Since Dark Avengers it's always been sort of trendy to diss Sentry, and I've heard so much of it over the years it's gotten ridiculously cheap.

Has his characterization had problems? Yes. Major problems. But that all stems from the current writers of Gen-Y era Marvel not having any clue how to make him work. Plain and simple.

He can work. It will take more retconning now, but Sentry must be placed in an atmosphere where his base powers would have to be put more to the task instead of in certain positions on Earth (perhaps you notice what I'm getting at) where he's fighting people way less powerful than he is when he's not just hanging around in someone's attic.

He was made a scapegoat so that they could have an excuse to try to end Dark Avengers era with a bang. All through the time he was in these books, not once did any of these good and so-called honorable scientists or doctors, like Hank Pym or Reed Richards tried to come up with better ideas for him, he was just left to slide further and further into madness.

I question something in the MU. How many times do these great heroes actually help the insane instead of just kill the insane? Oh what, just live by the sword, die by the sword that's the motto now? We had a similar topic about Scarlet Witch. Especially if they are supposed to be your so-called friends, but you want to put him in a watchtower and erase his history and all this, and tell yourselves, oh let's just save that problem for another rainy day. How irresponsible for Stark, Richards, etc, and how unfortunate for Bob.

I think Emma Frost of all people seemed like she was more help than even any of those Avengers were. She looked into his mind dozens of times, she saw the danger, and even for a time held the Void to thrall in her own body.

He needed help, he didn't get it, and that's the bottom line. So when another disturbed man like Norman Osborn comes along, and tells him he 'understands' what he's going through and all this, what's Bob supposed to do out of desperation?

And the most disrespectful retcon of all was the CLOC/Lindy argument when Lindy is written to say nothing was true and Bob was a loser junkie she had to put up with for the whole time, oh, ha-ha-ha, Marvel. Real funny. Too bad for you Bob fans, we'll just added some more insult to injury, they say.

Sentry failed because the MU let him fail, and because a few wiseguy writers and their idle editor in chief thought it would be better to sweep their mistakes under the rug and gamble their readers won't care anymore. Methinks they underestimate much.


#53 Posted by OmegaHans (227 posts) - - Show Bio

@Jonny_Anonymous: :

Sentry's in-character conflicts are a bit similar to Wonder Man's. In the way that he and Simon have always had a history of issues with the unstable factors of their powers. Looking at Simon, he's had problems with his powers all the way back from Heinrich Zemo creating them in the first place.

As compared to DC handling of super, or godlike characters and the history of the Justice League of America in particular, who have had several similar characters in power and attributes that are like Sentry, and when something goes wrong with their fellow member they stick together and help that member, even if it does mean they have to take him down, but they've never had to kill Superman or Wonder Woman or Captain Atom or Kyle Rayner to do it.

It seems like writers like Bendis or Fraction seem to write teams as if they have to kill a problem out of desperation, instead of allowing the team to put their heads together and subdue the potential threat. Ironic that when they do take the time to let their teams d that, they'll save Red Hulk and put him in the Avengers.

Rulk. Now there's a guy I could really care less about.

So... you'll kill Bob, but you'll keep Rulk? What gives with that? Rulk, a guy who has been written as such an almost nuclear Popeye the Sailor cartoony mess to just a big red meathead who just wants to save the world in the so-called 'Heroic Age', just ranging all over the place with power levels, written to somehow snap Silver Surfer's neck and toss a pre-Fear Itself Thor to the moon and back, and even when he wasn't using those powers has personally gunned down hundreds of people... and they put this guy on the Avengers, put him to lead the Thunderbolts and jam him down our throats for the rest of our lives--RULK, GO AWAY ALREADY.

I mean this, coming from the same writers that magically make Sentry go POOF! in the middle of a fight. Sometimes I wonder what sort of substances these Marvel guys are on.

#54 Posted by sommyt (349 posts) - - Show Bio

i like him i want him back..he is a good angle at marvel trying to create superman

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@PowerHerc said:

I like him. I think he has a lot of potential.

I think this especially holds true about his mental instability. That just has a lot of awesome possibilities attached to it for me.

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If they were honest about him, and changed his name to 'Failed Potential', I'd like him more.

#57 Posted by SavageDragon (2257 posts) - - Show Bio

Only liked him when he killed Ares. Other than that hes a dud.

#58 Posted by SirMethos (1414 posts) - - Show Bio

Completely agreed, about the potential in the character.

Imo, this scan pretty much says it all:

#59 Posted by DarkDay (636 posts) - - Show Bio

@SirMethos said:

Completely agreed, about the potential in the character.

Imo, this scan pretty much says it all:

That is a nice scan. And I agree.

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I really like him and want him to return.

#61 Posted by TomoFukuoka (446 posts) - - Show Bio

The character was an old magazine prank he was never supposed to be in 616 continuity

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