Are Jenkins' and Bendis' Sentry the same?

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I have read both of Jenkins' Sentry minis and several of Bendis's stories about the Sentry and the latter's Sentry by different writers. For years, I thought they were different characters. I thought Jenkins' minis were in a separate continuity. But recently some people have claimed they are the same.

Jenkins' Sentry: This character had three distinct personalities. The messed up/human Robert Reynolds, the evil Void, and the heroic ideal guardian of good Sentry. The Sentry personality existed to counter the Void, was the smartest man on the planet, everyone's best friend, and most importantly lacked the mental problems or confident issues of Robert Reynolds. He appeared in Jenkins' two minis. Are either or both of these considered in continuity?

Bendis's Sentry: This Sentry has two distinct personalities. The first was Robert Reynolds who transformed his body into the Sentry, but still had all of the mental problems of Robert. That is why as the Sentry he could be easily scared away at times. This Sentry was supposedly once upon a time everyone's best friend, but is so mentally unstable it is unknown if any of this is true. The other personality of course is the Void.

Do I have a correct understanding of this or are the two really the same character?

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They are supposed to be the same character. I read an interview with Bendis that said he talked with Jenkins about using the character for New Avengers after the last mini was out. I've noticed Bendis has a habit of writing other peoples' characters a little bit out of character to fit the stories he writes, so I just attributed it to that.

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