An end to Sentry & Siege

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As Siege heats up & Dark Avengers comes to its culmination, the climatic battle scene between Sentry & the "Avengers" explodes as Bob Reynold's unrevealed 3rd personality surfaces. Unbeknownst to Bob, he is deathly allergic to potassium & the signature power-up of his alter-alter-ego. 
As Sentry weakens, a revived God of War takes great joy in shoving some Vitamin B up Sentry's void...a place where the power of a million exploding suns don't shine. 
Ares then breaks the fourth wall & decapitates Brian Michael Bendis, ending Siege & bringing about a heroic age.
Long live Ares. Next stop...putting an end to the Marvel madness that is the Red Hulk mystery and Deadpool overkill.


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I also think Siege has been mostly a waste of time and I really don't like what Bendis pushed for to develop Ironman, Sentry, Osborn etc Bendis is a good writer who got over loaded and then his ideas started to come apart. Osborn Corp  sucks, the darkness has bored us, his arcs are repeditive and the Sentry made into a lame plot device
I wish he would take a break from writing for a while
Any stuff about breaking the 4th wall and calling for the decapitation of Brian Michael Bendis is way to extreme in my book. I don't like how how the guy writes anymore but this kind of stuff is pushing it too far
Yes some of his more recent  stuff has come off the rails but y ou can be a critic without flaming or trolling

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Why are so many people coming out the woodwork to defend Ares when nobody was making a big deal about him before? If Ares was so awesome...why does EVERYONE insist on writing him the opposite of what was originally intended for him.There's no showings of his fighting skill,there's like one showing of his tactical ability,he loses to just about everyone he fights...what did you expect to happen when Ares fought Sentry? I admit his actions were a little retarded but an Avenger was supposed to die in the arc and one did..why not make the one who hasn't done anything significant his entire run as an Avenger? 
Also..why are so many people (ON CV) coming out to say how much Siege sucks when it just started.Can it get underway first before yo pass judgement? 

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Really? REALLY?????????
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@BaronVonDredd said:
" Really? REALLY????????? "
Bendis is a banana

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