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Let’s do the math. Giant robots plus dinosaurs equals a nonstop action explosion-thon! The new recruits of the Sentinel Squad are sent to the Savage Land on a highly dangerous rescue mission. But when the squad realizes that this mission means certain death, are they willing to go against their orders to escape being digested by a T. Rex?  
Recently, the members of the Sentinel Squad were given a new assignement. They were sent in as reinforcements for an operation in the Savage Land. Facing an army of genetically-enhanced telekinetic dinosaurs, a gung-ho sergeant ordered an entire Sentinel brigade into suicidal combat, and the few squad members who survived did so because of Alexander Lexington, who both defied his C.O.'s orders and revealed to his teammates his secret : that he is actually a mutant ! 
Now, with most of the pilots dead, and the majority of Sentinel units damaged, Lexington has a plan to defeat the dinosaurs, to stop the Savage Land Mutates, who created this lethal dinosaur army, and to rescue some teammates who have been taken captive. Strangely enough, this plan involves infiltrating the Mutate compound without their Sentinels.







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