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Like most villains that confronted the wearers of the H-Dial, Chris King & Vicki Grant, The Senses-Taker was created in the villain factory by The Master, the evil alter ego of original H-Dialer, Robby Reed. The Senses-Taker was able to breakaway from the villain factory and go out on his own, although it is unknown how he was able to escape the factory.  

Near the town of Fairfax, at a nuclear plant, with the use of his sense stealing ability he was able to steal a control-device which he intended to use as ransom or he would use the device to melt down a reactor at an atomic plant.  
While leaving the plant, unknown to the Senses-Taker, Chris King happened to spot the villain making his escape. Using his H-Dial, King dialed the form of The Red Devil, a hero with the ability to become any type of demon. Becoming an invisible demon, King got atop the Senses-Taker's getaway car and went with him back to his hideout. He was joined by Vicki Grant in the form of The Monarch, a butterfly being with the ability to spin a full cocoon around any object.    

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