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Senandra was an elf (eldritch) adventurer who was raised by dwarves (dweomer) at the end of Earth's Age of Magic. She was the dungeon and trap expert for a group which journeyed into an enigma temple on Earth to access the Time-Raft. The group included the exiled Iron Dragon Dreadwing (disguised as the human sage Drey'fas), the current Iron Dragon clan leader Phryogoth (disguised as a human sage Merlin), and the royal elves Tark and Mesha. Despite Phyrogoth and Senadra falling in love, Phryogoth killed Senadra with a sneak attack once they reached their goal before he himself was killed by a sneak attack. As a mocking tribute, Dreadwing placed Phyrogoth's human form in the draconic mausoleum beneath the volcano Pagan and used Senadra's soul to create a magend (living spell) as his crypt guardian. Senadra took Phyrogoth's body to dragon elder Exthilion who turned it into a golem and brought it back to life after transferring Senadra's soul to it. The magend Senadra then returned to the draconic mausoleum to which she was now bound to stand guard. Phyrogoth was unable to free her since he was no longer able to instinctively use draconic rune-craft and Exthilion likewise could not teach him.

Millennia later, Phyrogoth (now going by the name Montgomery) became an adventurer, UFF Champion, and chairman for the Earth Explorer's Society. After getting to know Gina Diggers, he took her to the mausoleum when she asked for the truth about his past. While there Gina used her knowledge of Beta Technology and the draconic language to free Senadra. Senadra is now a phantom tied to Monty due to her soul residing within him.

As a magend Senadra was an immortal living spell, possessing both immense physical speed and strength and extremely destructive spell-casting abilities. As a phantom, she is presumably still immortal as long as Monty (a living golem) exists. She is tied to his general location but can wander a fair distance around. So far she usually remains completely invisible to most people while drinking vast amounts of beer (others just see a floating tankard being emptied). She has occasionally manifested to specific people to talk and offer advice. She has also exhibited limited telekinetic abilities and the ability to briefly possess other people's bodies.

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