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Seljuk was sent for the chosen ruler of the Hindu Kush. The boy was forbidden from leaving his palace, once he did one of the Mullahs decided to put a hit on him. Ali chose two impersonaters from Vegas who knew some martial arts as his bodyguards. He then ran into Connor Hawke, who was looking to gain money so that his master could keep the ashram open, and hired him as his third bodyguard. Seljuk easily took out the first two.  His brute strength was a challenge for Connor at first, but eventually he was beaten.
Much later he appears with enhancements, prepared to face Connor Hawke again in a rematch. He was defeated the first time by having his knees kicked and then getting knocked out. This time Seljuk had plastic knees. His knew enhancements seemed to give him the edge, but Connor was determined to win the Ashram back. In the end Seljuk lost again to Connor Hawke.

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