Trying to get into The Black Queen

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So I LOVE Emma Frost she is prob my fave Marvel girl, but so many people have been telling me that I would love Selene more. I love her powers they sound really sweet and from reading her page her whole concept sounds like really interesting! So I was wondering what are soem comics I should pick up that are really like centered around her?(aside from X-force and Necrosha as I am already going to be picking thoes up.) I don't really wanna get anything where she is like super brief or in the background either cause that would just be a waste!!  Thanks in advanced!! 
- Katt
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@KattVonNoir: ummm, shes really not in the front alot, but there are some x-force(old) that she is in, those are when she killed the eternals, I cant think of the others but you can go onto her page adn click comics by images
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lol, that topic reads funny.

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LOL! Eww I didn't even think of it like that! :P
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thanks! =]
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@KattVonNoir said:
" @Dane:  LOL! Eww I didn't even think of it like that! :P "
I bet :P
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I very recently got back into reading comics, focusing on Selene, and made quite a few purchases based on the information I gathered here:
If that link doesn't prove helpful I'll list the issues I currently have that highlight her fairly well. I'm also waiting on 8 more books.

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make sure you get her first captain america issues there one of her first appearances and shes great lol

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