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An undisclosed amount of time has passed since Selena's escape from England with Jim and Hannah, and she has been emotionally traumatized from the ordeal. Suffering a near-catatonic depression following the horrific events of the previous months, she has slipped into a near-catatonic state, and is known by her fellow refugees at the Bergen Refugee Camp in Norway as the crazy lady. Selena's isolation is disrupted by an American reported name Clint Harris. Harris hopes to locate the source of the Rage outbreak in the United Kingdom, and the only way to do so is to travel to where the madness all began - London. With the threat of a cover-up imminent by the government, the reporter intends to gather as much information as he can, while the country is still under quarantine. Having heard Selena's tale, he requests that the young woman serve as the guide for his team of war-time field correspondents. Having nothing left to lose, Selena agrees to act as their guide.

The team boards a helicopter, and Harris reveals everything that he knows to Selena. The United States has the United Kingdom's airspace heavily monitored, so the team's best opportunity is to enter through the southern-most tip of the Shetland Islands, where the quarantine is at it's least guarded. Believed to be free of infection, the only trouble is that their drop-off point is over seven hundred kilometers away from where they need to be. Selena faces the prospect of once again combating the nightmare she worked so hard to escape in the first place.

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