Uncle Samantha

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Grimm Fairy Tales as ever has a dual sort of approach to its presentation of women, the covers are usually drawn in a very exploitative way whereas the interiors have quite strong female characters who generally speaking are much better dressed than the average female superhero.  One of the things that Grimm Fairy Tales is maybe also well known for in terms of its cover art is its high quantity of alternate covers, sometimes as many as 8 per issue.  With all of those alternate covers there is a lot of variety in what is depicted (which can get to the downright juvenile) but sometimes they simply show pictures involving their own characters in homage to famous images from popular culture.  Thus far of the ones that I have recognized their are homages to Cleopatra, Rosie the Riveter, Marilyn Monroe and Baywatch, but issue 75 gave a new twist, in that it made a male character into a female one for the purposes of an homage cover by changing Uncle Sam into Sela.  Gender switches in this franchise are nothing new really, there have been a few switches, like turning Mowgli into a girl or the upcoming Robin Hood (Robyn).  It is interesting to see here though as it involves a gender change on the cover for the first time.  Maybe the artists have already run out of iconic females?  Well there was the fact that this was involved with a kickstarter campaign, but I still thought it was interesting as the material to draw upon for the covers is becoming more diverse.  

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Admittedly, this would probably get me to join the Army faster than Uncle Sam. Zenescope, you marketing geniuses.

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Sorry, but this is NOT a gender change like you mentioned with Robin Hood. & even that is not if its a female from modern day earth, going into a magical realm. This is Sela cosplaying as Uncle sam.

If they were to have Sela wearing red & yellow & ripping her shirt off, its not them making Hulk Hogan into a female.

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The arm position is wrong. She also needs the white wig to really pull it off.

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