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A young Sith, Rath was the child of Je'daii diplomats stationed in the Tython system. Sek'nos was raised by his grandmother, Miarta Sek and his grandfather, Thok Rath. He learned healing techniques from his grandmother and looked up to his grandfather for his many past adventures. Eventually, Sek'nos attained the rank of Je'daii Journeyer. In his quest to forge the perfect weapon, Sek'nos spent a large amount of time at Vur Tepe (a large Forge located on the world of Tython) learning from Tem Madaog. He forged three blades in his quest for perfection.

Sek'nos' first appearance shows him at the Qigong Kesh temple on Tython training and testing his limits and boundaries of the Force. Before getting a mysterious visit from Xesh, Sek'nos was on the verge of crossing the path of the light side of the force to the dark side to gain the power of Force Lightning, all in his effort to impress a few girls. It is then stated that no one has ever been able to generate a ball of force lightning, indicating no one has crossed the paths of the light and dark sides of the Force.

Sek'nos proceeds to meet up with fellow Je'daii Shae Koda and Tasha Ryo in their quest to discover the truth beyond the mysterious figure in their "visions" and the dark disturbance in the Force.

Powers and Abilities:

Sek'nos is seen as being in-tune with the force and crosses the boundaries of light and dark and uses pain to re-in forces his power into creating balls of Force Lightning. It is stated that he has been the first to create a ball of Force Lightning. Sek'nos is also skilled in the wielding and crafting of blades.

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