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Seichiro Sakurazuka was born to Setsuka Sakurazuka, the sakurazukamori. His mother teaches Seichiro how to be the next sakurazukamori. Seichiro became a teenager and one day Setsuka announced that she killed for the last time. The time had come for Seichiro to kill for the first time. He executed his mother’s request and killed her. In consequence, he could become the new sakurazukamori. Before dying, Setsuka told him that her dearest wish was to be killed by the person she loved. She revealed also that he would die by the hands of the person he would love.

Tokyo Babylon


Seichiro practices his activity of dark onmyoji opposing to the sumeragi family. The day he meets the young Subaru Sumeragi, Seichiro kidnap him and brings him under his cherry tree. He puts the mark of the sakurazukamori on the hands of Subaru. He lets him go. He tells him the next time he will see him he will stay with him for one year. And if he won’t love him after this year, he will kill him.

Seven years past, Seichiro becomes a veterinary. He chose this job because he needs to sacrifice animals in order to make invocations. He meets Subaru who wants to direct a zoo. He uses the fact he is a veterinary to link with Subaru. He spends one year with him; but he thinks he doesn’t love him. So he decides to kill him. Hokuto Sumeragi intervenes and uses a technique. She is killed by Seichiro; but she reveals that if Seichiro tries to kill Subaru as he killed her then the attack will return against him and Seichiro will be killed. Seichiro doesn’t understand why she reveals this technique. Hokuto explains she knows they loves each other and she wants they live together forever because everybody has the right to love and to be loved.



Seven years past, Seichiro is at Tokyo to do his job of Dragons of Earth. He is there to be amused by the destruction of kekkai. When he feels the meeting of some seals, he decides to launch an illusion in order to tease them. Arashi Kishu uses her saber, Sorata Arisugawa his electric powers and Yuzuriha Nekoi transforms Inuki in a sword. Kamui Shiro, upset by this loss of time, uses his telekinetic powers to destroy this illusion. This mirage breaks into cherry tree petals. Hinoto concludes that the illusion was created by the sakurazukamori. Seichiro is satisfied; but he decides to destroy a kekkai.

Days past, Seichiro is still interested about Kamui. When he see Kamui with someone he cares, Seichiro decides to attack both. Kotori Mono and Kamui fall in an illusion. An attack is launched on them. Kamui answers with difficulty. Indeed he must protect Kotori. Seichiro does his entrance. A fight begins between Seichiro and Kamui. It is Seichiro who takes the advantages because he targets Kotori. In order to save Kotori, Kamui cannot protect himself. Seichiro tries to finish Kamui; but he is stopped by the entrance of Fuma Mono and the reverse of his attack. Seichiro prefers to make himself scarce. Seichiro is wondering how a person could enter his illusion and reverse an attack.

Finding Again


Seichiro doesn’t care about the guy who introduced his illusion. He wants to see Subaru. So he decides to continue to destroy kekkai. He attacks Sunplaza. Subaru arrives at a Nakano Sunplaza completely destroyed. He finds Seichiro who is happy to see him. Arashi and Sorata are not so far from them. A discussion begins until Subaru decides to create a kekkai in order to realize his wish. A fight begins. Arashi and Sorata understand the fighters are onmyoji; so the dragon of Earth is the sakurazukamori and the Dragons of Heaven is Subaru Sumeragi. The fight is intense and none of the fighters can take an advantage over his opponent. Seichiro tries to upset Subaru remembering him that he killed Hokuto Sumeragi, Subaru’s sister. But it doesn’t work. So Seichiro uses a spell to disappear. Arashi and Sorata try to find him because no one could escape from a kekkai. But Subaru doesn’t want to fight anymore and cancels his kekkai.



When Fuma wakes up as the Kamui of the Earth, Seichiro decides to join him at the City Hall of Tokyo.

Fuma takes the decision to attack the Sunshine 60. Seichiro follows him; but he observes only. He sees Subaru beaten by Fuma and his eye gouged out.

Fuma meets Seichiro. He remarked the sakurazukamori was present at Ikebukuro. Seichiro understands that Fuma doesn’t care of his dragons. Fuma reveals that Subaru wanted to lose his right eye in order to look like him. But the real wish of Subaru can be realized only by Seichiro but it is not what Seichiro thinks.

Time elapsed; Seichiro continues to attack kekkai. Seichiro helps Fuma to destroy the Yamanote Line. Fuma and Seichiro have a pleasant discussion. They joke about ice creams whereas the last bastion of Shibuya kekkai is destroyed. In consequence, all the Yamanote line is completely destroyed.

Dearest Wishes


Seichiro wants to find Subaru. He learns that he will be at the Rainbow Bridge. So he decides to go. He takes this opportunity to kill people. Subaru arrives at the Rainbow Bridge smoking a cigarette and waiting the sakurazukamori. Seichiro does his entrance and takes Subaru’s cigarette with his bloody hand. Subaru asks him if he killed someone. Seichiro answers he is the sakurazukamori and it is his job to kill people. The two onmyoji begin their fight. Subaru launches a kekkai.

Subaru and Seichiro give all they have in this fight; at this point that a major part of the bridge is destroyed. Seichiro asks if Subaru’s wish is to kill him. Subaru denies it. Each opponent sends their ultimate attack. Kamui and Arashi arrive and see that Subaru’s kekkai dissolves. Arashi and Kamui are looking for Subaru. They find the sakurazukamori with his heart pierced by Subaru’s hand. Subaru doesn’t understand how it could be. Seichiro explains that when he killed his sister, Hokuto launched a spell on Seichiro. If he tries to kill Subaru as he killed Hokuto, then the spell will invert the hit. Subaru wished to be killed by the person he loves, even if Seichiro doesn’t love him in return. Seichiro says he knows the spells and he did it because it was the only way to be killed by Subaru. Seichiro murmurs his last words at Subaru’s ear (Surely that he loves him). Because Subaru’s kekkai was dissolved, the damage caused on the bridge is real. Kamui has just the time to save Subaru before the total destruction of the Rainbow Bridge.

Fuma joins Subaru at Seichiro’s home. Fuma apologises that Subaru’s wish wasn’t realised. But he proposes to realise Seichiro’s one. Fuma tells Subaru that the sakurazukamori was displeased to see Subaru wounded by another person than him. So he wished to erase this wound. Fuma offers to Subaru Seichiro’s left eye. Fuma understands Seichiro’s wish because he will do the same for Kamui. Fuma advises also Subaru that if he accepts Seichiro’s gift, he will become the new sakurazukamori. Subaru accepts.

Powers and Abilities


High Jump

Like every dragon, Seichiro could jump the high of a building.


Seichiro can materialise his soul as an animal. Seichiro can use shiki with gobesei in order to attack.


Seichiro can call a spirit to help him.

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