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Segura was originally a man, but was transformed into a werewolf/demon by Serene. He fell madly in love with her and is very protective of her. He goes with her on her mission from Lady Blaze, to capture Creeper. Segura knocks him out and drags him to Hell. Serene begins the ceremony, but Jack tricks Segura by talking about Serene badly. Segura attacks Creeper and breaks his chains. Creeper then fights Segura and injures him. Serene then allows Creeper to leave to attend to her lover. It is not known what happens afterward. 

Powers and Personality

Segura is covered in flames, but wether he can control them or not is not revealed. He has great strength and speed, enough to overpower Creeper for a short time. He has sharp claws and teeth that he uses against opponents. Serene always speaks to him in Spanish, so he may have a Spanish origin when he was human. He is very impulsive and protective when it comes to Serene, and therefore easy to out think in battle.

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