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Imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, Secutor eventually found himself a feature attraction in the coliseum - a bloody and decadent form of entertainment for the Romans. Secutor escaped and eventually found a place as a soldier in Aluric's army. He proved his worth there and worked his way up to being the head of Aluric's personal elite guard. Failing to protect the king from being murdered by his vampiric son Theo, Secutor was cursed to pursue Aluric's killers and their followers - never to die until his task is done.


Secutor is created by Mark Seifert and William Christensen.

Powers & Abilities

Secutor is an expert warrior with supernatural strength, speed, and durability. As long as his body is largely intact, he will not die. He usually dispatches vampires by decapitation.

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