Could Secret be the "other" girl to join Young Justice??

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Peter David, the writer who scripted the majority of the original Young Justice series, announced on his blog that he would be writing several episodes of the upcoming Young Justice animated series, and alluded to an appearance by Secret. "I’m going to be writing several episodes for the series. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to reconnect with the characters, even if there are some differences between the guys I wrote and the new incarnation. I would love to tell you all about my first episode, but I’m afraid that it’s…oh, what’s the word…Secret." 
copied from wikipedia.

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I adore Secret. I'd love to see her on the show. She'd be the first girl to join the team who was actually in the comics. Too bad they added Artemis instead of Cissie. Still it's a great show, but I swear to God if Miss Martian says "Hello Megan" one more freakning time....>_<

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the writers said they would be adding Cassie into the series now that the rights to the character have been freed up.

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Ok this is obviously a dead forum sooo.............Secret appears in the episode Secrets.................and she returns to her tomb at the end

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