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Phobos Takes The Spotlight

The Story:  
Nick Fury and his Secret Warriors rob a Hydra bank for 1.2 billion dollars. Baron Von Strucker asks Norman Osborn to deal with Fury stating he is too busy to do so himself. Osborn baits the Secret Warriors by using the Black Widow. Phobos, Hellfire and Eden manage to escape but the Thunderbolts, Ares, Bullseye and Osborn follow them leading to an all out war. Nick Fury breaks into Avengers Tower with the help of an old agent. Ares takes his son Phobos to the other Gods to meet his fate.  

My Thoughts:  
Secret Warriors is a series I have really been enjoying. Each issue has been well crafted by Jonathan Hickman who is adding a lot of depth to this series and its characters. The story is progressing along very nicely and always ends with interesting cliffhangers that make you want to come back. 

I was slightly disappointed that the Secret Warriors didn't face Hydra in this book. At the end of the last book we saw the top Hydra bosses working together and the Secret Warriors managed to defeated them and H.A.M.M.E.R. at the Dock and get away with the helicarriers. I was thinking this volume we would see Hydra attempt to retaliate. Instead, Baron Von Strucker had Osborn deal with his problem. I'm sure it's only a matter of time until we see the Secret Warriors and Hydra face off.

Hickman did manage to take the story in an interesting direction. We got to see more of the Secret Warriors in action, especially Phobos. I liked that and I liked how in the last issue they expanded on the events that took place in Ares: God Of War where Phobos fought his father. The last page of the book involving Ares and Phobos was interesting leaving a pretty decent cliffhanger.

The art was by Alessandro Vitti and the issue Dark Reign: The List was done by Ed Mcguinness and Tom Palmer. I was a little disappointed to see that Stefano Caselli wasn't the artist again on this volume. Caselli did an outstanding job on the art in the first six issues of the series. Alessandro Vitti does step in and do a nice job, but I prefer Caselli to Vitti. The art keeps the same darker tone which I like for this series. The cover gallery at the end by Jim Cheung was amazing.

As always, seeing Nick Fury and his Secret Warriors in action has become a real joy to follow. Hickman has managed to take a group of unknown characters, give them a purpose, and make the readers actually care for them. This series is consistently getting better and better. If you like a little espionage in your comics you're going to enjoy this. 

Rating: 4.5/5
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